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4 dark horses who could be WWE Champions soon and 4 who may never be

Abid Khan
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Will Balor reign supreme?
Will Balor reign supreme?

With WWE expanding to become a global phenomenon today, talent from all walks of life, who share an unending passion for this business are being provided with a golden opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Working under Triple H's supervision down in NXT quickly introduces them to the ambience of Vince McMahon's billion dollar company.

Though some of them have gone on to become extremely successful on the main roster, others have struggled to find their own footing and voice among 'The Land of Giants'.

With social media becoming such an important element in deciding WWE's creative direction, the fans are provided with a platform to voice their opinions, if any.

Amidst the Roman Reigns and the Seth Rollins' of this business, there are many Superstars who are overlooked and have not received the opportunity they rightfully deserve.

Grabbing the brass ring is immensely difficult. However, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff's latest introduction to the creative room could bring about some ground-breaking changes.

With Heyman, who has always been an avid supporter of 'professional wrestling', his influence in the creative room could coerce the management to ascend some overlooked performers.

Since the final decision relies on Vince McMahon, we will rank the 4 dark horses who could be WWE Champion soon and 3 who may never be.

#1 Who could be - Big E Langston

This guy deserves it
This guy deserves it

As entertaining as he is doing his shtick with The New Day, one cannot deny that Big E deserves to be competing in the highest level on the main roster.

With Kofi Kingston already breaking the glass ceiling, it's about time WWE capitalizes Kofi's momentum and create a legitimate Superstar out of Big E.

The former NXT Champion has certainly enjoyed his fair share of success in the tag-team division, but with Eric Bischoff and Heyman looking to invest in new faces, Big E could eventually see gold in his future.

Though the idea of turning him heel does sound exciting, it could propel Big E to unimaginable heights and give us an iconic feud between The New Day.

#2 Who may never be - Rusev

He deserved better
He deserved better

One of the biggest reasons why Rusev failed to make the final cut was because of WWE's lack of creative direction for his incredibly successful Rusev Day.

The Bulgarian Brute was making waves on the blue brand and looked dead set to reach the brass ring during his run as a babyface.

Unfortunately, the creative had different plans in mind and the former United States Champion suffered the undeserving consequences.

Whilst I do think he could return with a bang, I do not think Vince McMahon will ever see him as a World Champion.

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