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4 Former WWE Superstars who should return to the company in 2019

Sanjay Dutta
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John Morison is a former ECW and Intercontinental Champion
John Morison is a former ECW and Intercontinental Champion

Making it to the WWE and surviving in the world's biggest wrestling promotion are two entirely different things. While there have been many who have made it to the WWE, only a selected few have been able to garner success and reach new heights whilst being associated with them.

The stiff competition has resulted in many Superstars being completely overlooked with the company not being able to decide what to do with the said talent. These superstars are crippled creatively, aren't afforded enough opportunities and used sparsely. 

When the company decides that these Superstars have nothing new to offer to the product, they are released from their contract or they themselves request for their release due to creative differences. While some of them fade into oblivion, others take it upon themselves to prove their previous employers wrong and achieve success outside of the WWE.

They make a name for themselves and ultimately the WWE takes notice and offers them big money deals to come back to the company. EC3 and Drew McIntyre are two such Superstars in recent times.

With a lot of Superstars becoming free agents in 2019, the WWE would definitely look to bring back some former WWE Superstars back into its fold. Here are 4 former WWE Superstars that the company should bring back in 2019: 

#4 Sami Callihan

'The Draw' Sami Callihan
'The Draw' Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan has been one of the most talked-about Superstars in the wrestling circle throughout 2018. He has been one of the pillars of the IMPACT Wrestling and their recent resurgence. His match against Pentagon Jr at Slammiverey was one of the most well-received matches of 2018. Callihan is considered to be one of the best hardcore wrestlers on the planet today and is currently signed to both IMPACT and Lucha Underground.

Not many people may know this but Callihan did work for the WWE from 2013 to 2015 under the ring name, 'Solomon Crowe'. He was put in their developmental territory, NXT, where he had a handful of TV appearances before being released in November of 2015.

Callihan has openly talked about his frustrations during his time in NXT, being stifled creatively and not getting the opportunities that he was promised. He also talked about how he was initially supposed to be a part of the faction -- Sanity, which ultimately didn't happen and Callihan was let go by the company. 


But, ever since leaving the WWE, Callihan has proved to be a huge draw in promotions across the world and has garnered notoriety for his 'death matches'. Callihan currently works for IMPACT and Lucha Underground.

But, Callihan has proven to a huge draw in both IMPACT and Lucha Underground and therefore the WWE should contemplate on bringing Callihan back to the company. Callihan has that aggression and ruthlessness that hasn't been seen in WWE for quite some time now.

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