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4 least memorable Elimination Chamber matches of all time

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The Elimination Chamber structure
The Elimination Chamber structure

On February 17, 2019, WWE will host it's annual Elimination Chamber event wherein six men and twelve women will compete inside the demonic structure, with gold on the line.

Daniel Bryan will defend the WWE title, and the Chamber will also host a bout to crown the first WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. Both matches have the potential to be classic encounters.

The Elimination Chamber gimmick debuted as a match at the 2002 Survivor Series. In the storyline, it was the brainchild of then Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff, and his creation saw Triple H defend the World Heavyweight Championship versus Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane, and Chris Jericho.

It was a blistering match which had the feel-good ending of the newly returned Michaels defeating his friend turned enemy, Triple H, to win his first World title in five years.

Fast forward sixteen years and the Elimination Chamber is one of the most highly regarded matches in all of WWE. The Elimination Chamber pay per view which originated back in 2010 is one of the most anticipated shows on WWE's annual calendar.

That is because, the Elimination Chamber, more often than not is a show that delivers and delivers big time.

Few can forget moments such as Edge losing the WWE title inside the Chamber and then winning the World Heavyweight strap back inside the Chamber on the same night, as well as Shawn Michaels emerging from under the grate to cost The Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship, in order to goad the "Phenom" into competing against him at WrestleMania XXVI.

However, whilst many of the match-ups have been classics, there are several others that have been surprisingly terrible and entirely unmemorable.

In this slideshow, we look at the four least memorable Elimination Chamber matches of all time.


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#4 2018 Men's Number One Contender's Match (Raw): Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman vs Finn Balor vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs The Miz vs Elias - Elimination Chamber (February 25, 2018)

The 2018 version of the Chamber featured seven men instead of the usual six
The 2018 version of the Chamber featured seven men instead of the usual six

The 2018 edition of the Elimination Chamber show saw the women compete in the match for the first time in a well-received and extremely well-booked match.

However, the men's edition later in the same show saw one of the worst ever contested. It lasted an interminable 40 minutes and did not see a single fall until the 21st minute of the bout.

This was designed so that Braun Strowman, whom WWE wanted to book strongly, could eliminate five men consecutively before WWE's chosen one, Roman Reigns could spear and pin him.

However, the booking did no one any favors. The fans wanted Strowman to win and loudly rejected Reigns. Strowman eliminating five men was for naught as he ultimately succumbed to Reigns.

The match did nothing for Reigns either as his elimination of Strowman did not make him look stronger for slaying the giant, it made him appear to be a fluke winner.

The action leading up to the nonsensical booking was dull and without any of the excitement and dynamism of the women's bout.

It was an unmitigated disaster and one of the worst main-event matches the company has ever produced.

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