A Beast and a Liberator; Female star and announcer - 4 pairs of WWE stars who would make for a good sitcom

Imagine the fun these two could have together.
Imagine the fun Lesnar and Zayn could have together

In WWE, some pairings have the right chemistry to make things work. Look at the recent matches between Sheamus and Gunther. Whether it's in-ring chemistry or battling promos, a great heel needs a great hero. While heels and faces are the essential ingredients of what makes a match/angle work, there can also be other storylines.

Most wrestling companies try to have at least one comedic storyline or segment per show. It helps to break up some of the serious angles that usually dominate each show.

One recent example was how Kevin Owens wouldn't accept that Elias and Ezekial were two different people. It made for some hilarious segments between the two, including one when both brothers showed up in the same backstage skit.

Along with Owens, R-Truth is a star who can be serious or funny, as evidenced by his work in the 24/7 Title segments. Although he hasn't featured much on RAW since Triple H assumed creative duties in WWE, Truth has a knack for making segments work. He also left the audience in splits when he tried to be the Special Guest Referee for The Usos vs. The Street Profits match at SummerSlam.

When two such wrestlers get together for silly segments, it often seems like those performers could star in their own comedies on the WWE Network.

Here are four pairs of WWE stars who would make for a good sitcom:

#4. Matt Riddle and Butch could rekindle their NXT team

Dunne and Riddle won the Dusty Classic as the Broserweights
Dunne and Riddle won the Dusty Classic as the Broserweights

Even before his work with Randy Orton, Riddle had an odd couple relationship with Pete Dunne (now Butch) in NXT. The duo was known as the Broserweights. Riddle was always talking and thinking out loud, while Dunne, as the straight man, always seemed indifferent to whatever The Original Bro was doing.

Riddle's goofiness is endearing to the point where it can sometimes crack the facade of the most serious stars. That's what made the Broserweights work, and it was the foundation behind RK-Bro.

As the Broserweights, the duo won the NXT Tag Team Titles. After winning the Dusty Rhodes Classic Tag Team Tournament, they had a whole segment where they drove around in a golf cart with the Dusty Cup.

In another instance, the two dressed up as each other. Each instance could be a standalone episode of a sitcom and showcase how the two men got along despite sharing different personalities.

#3. Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins could have a show just about their outlandish costumes

Who wore it better, Big Time Becks or The Visionary?
Who wore it better, Big Time Becks or The Visionary?

WWE stars Seth Rollins, and Becky Lynch are married in real life, and the two portrayed uniquely similar heel characters. Not only were they condescending and underhanded, but they also wore some of the strangest outfits.

Fashion in and of itself "dictates" what is trendy. Some of the crazy glasses, pants, and outfits that Big Time Becks and The Visionary have recently worn could have come out of a Tim Burton film or New York Fashion Week.

Rollins' orange and red gear at Clash at the Castle was certainly eye-catching. He's also worn suits with bright colors and clashing patterns. The former world champion even once dressed up in purple and green as an homage to the Joker.

Meanwhile, on several occasions, Lynch has worn strange sunglasses with three lenses. She has also played around with her hair. The glasses and hair added to her heel persona. It also made for good programming, which fans thoroughly enjoyed.

These costumes and accessories would be hard to explain to normal people. That would be the basis for a potential sitcom featuring the WWE power couple.

#2. Bayley and Michael Cole have an interesting relationship in WWE

Who cares when Michael Coles ACTUALLY birthday is!!!!!! Next time I see him he’s done for

One hilarious facet of Bayley's WWE character over the last three years is her relationship with SmackDown announcer Michael Cole. During matches, she'd yell at him as if she heard all of his comments. It was fun to see someone interact with a non-wrestling entity during a bout.

The love-hate relationship grew that she would even come out on commentary just to poke fun at Cole. Bayley can pull it off due to her ability on the mic. In the video above, it's the veteran announcer's birthday, and she mocks every one of his attempts to react to segments of a show.

The Role Model even tormented Michael Cole on recent episodes of SmackDown during a match to crown the new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions. Cole tries to do his job, but Bayley won't let him off the hook for any mistakes he makes.

The duo could make for great programming as they have a love-hate relationship.

#1. Sami Zayn had lightning in a bottle with Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar and @SamiZayn were destined to be best friends. #FOXFacts

Sami Zayn can really make gold with anyone in the industry. His conversations with Jey Uso and Roman Reigns have been humorous to watch. However, The Honorary Uce's brief in-ring promos with Brock Lesnar set him apart from everyone else.

The pairing crossed paths in late 2021 as Zayn was in the middle of challenging Reigns for the Universal Championship. Brock Lesnar wanted Zayn to get his title shot out of the way since he also wanted to face The Tribal Chief.

On an episode of SmackDown, the two had a somewhat one-sided conversation. Later in the night, The Beast Incarnate attacked Zayn. The former NXT Champion then showed up in a wheelchair, threatening to sue Lesnar on the following episode.

Brock Lesnar can be funny when he wants to and when he has the right partner. The self-proclaimed Locker Room Leader's facial expressions of terror sold the interactions, and the two would make for a hilarious odd couple comedy.

Who do you think will make the best comic duo in WWE to feature in a sitcom? Let us know in the comments section below.

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