4 possible reasons why Jimmy Uso was kicked out of The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown: The New Era, failing The Bloodline & more

It looks like Jimmy Uso will be looking for work following the latest SmackDown.
It looks like Jimmy Uso will be looking for work following the latest SmackDown

After The Bloodline lost two big matches at WrestleMania 40, SmackDown after WrestleMania saw some big changes. During the group's segment featuring Solo Sikoa, Paul Heyman, and Jimmy Uso, Heyman relayed that The Tribal Chief wanted the group to accept what happened in Philadelphia.

Cody Rhodes now took residence in their former locker room, causing Paul Heyman to convey that because Rhodes won, he gets the champ's space. Wins and losses matter and they lost at The Show of Shows.

Solo said he would fix it, and fix it he did. As Heyman cut his usual promo for The Bloodline, Solo Sikoa took over. After asking Heyman about wins and losses, Solo confronted his brother and hugged him. He said he loved Jimmy, but it was all a setup for Tama Tonga to debut by attacking Jimmy.

Why was Jimmy kicked out of the group? Here are four possible reasons for Jimmy Uso's excommunication from The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown.

#4 Roman Reigns wasn't present for SmackDown

What's next for Roman Reigns after a big loss at WrestleMania 40?
What's next for Roman Reigns after a big loss at WrestleMania 40?

One obvious reason why Jimmy was kicked out of The Bloodline was because the leader, Roman Reigns, wasn't on SmackDown following his loss at WrestleMania 40.

Stars who lose at big events often take a few weeks off to recharge their batteries. Reigns just happens to take many sabbaticals during the year, but this one could be the one with the most ramifications.

Since The Tribal Chief wasn't around, the inmates ran the asylum on SmackDown. People do things they wouldn't normally do when authority figures aren't present. Solo took advantage of Roman's absence to dole out some punishment to his brother.

#3 His spot was easily filled by Tama Tonga

While taking out Jimmy Uso deprives The Bloodline of a number advantage, the spot was seemingly instantly filled by the debuting Tama Tonga.

Tonga debuted by assaulting Jimmy Uso at the behest of Solo Sikoa. The former NJPW star seemed to take orders from Sikoa, quickly signaling a shift in the dynamics of The Bloodline.

Solo and Roman may feel that Jimmy has failed them too many times. Sikoa wanted to punish his brother by kicking him out of the group and filling his spot in The Bloodline.

#2 Paul Heyman's comment about losses mattering

As The Bloodline headed towards their locker room on the blue brand tonight, they found that it had a new tenant. By beating Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes got the champion's locker room.

Solo said that he'd fix the situation, but Heyman stopped him. He claimed that wins and losses matter and since Cody won, he gets the champ's locker room. Sikoa also tested this theory in the ring by asking Heyman the same question.

Since Jimmy lost to Jey at WrestleMania 40, it matters. Despite claiming that he loved his brother, Solo's consequences for losing are higher than those of The Tribal Chief.

#1 Solo Sikoa is The Tribal Heir

Things were shaken up in The Bloodline on SmackDown
Things were shaken up in The Bloodline on SmackDown

While The Bloodline was riding high last year, Sikoa was bestowed the title of 'The Tribal Heir.' This meant that when Roman Reigns couldn't fulfill those duties or left the group, Sikoa would take over.

Since Roman didn't appear on SmackDown, Sikoa could have fast-tracked his path from Tribal Heir to Tribal Chief. Tonga even said that Jimmy was taken out on orders of The Tribal Chief. Solo then showed up to bully Heyman.

Leaders don't last forever, and The Bloodline's time atop WWE is dwindling. While the group ruled over WWE for nearly three years, a change was in the cards following WrestleMania 40. The takeover will likely set the stage for Reigns to return as a face with the Usos back by his side.

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