4 potential outcomes if Cody Rhodes loses the 'I Quit' match at WWE Clash at the Castle

Cody Rhodes could potentially lose the Undisputed WWE Championship
Cody Rhodes could potentially lose the Undisputed WWE Championship (Image credits: WWE.com)

A massive match has been announced for the 2024 WWE Clash at the Castle Scotland Premium Live Event. While the card was already stacked, this new addition has made the show more exciting.

The Undisputed WWE Championship will be on the line when Cody Rhodes locks horns with AJ Styles again. The two aren't fighting in an ordinary match this time, however, as their upcoming bout will be an I Quit Match, one of the most dangerous stipulations in all of wrestling.

This stipulation comes after AJ Styles faked his own retirement last week and proceeded to brutally beat down the World Champion. Meanwhile, AJ refused to fight Cody this week unless he got a title opportunity. Rhodes accepted, but only if they wrestle in an I Quit Match. Nick Aldis approved the match and Cody's added stipulation, and the match is on for Clash at the Castle.

This may have been a bad move on Cody's part, however, as he is risking a lot. Rhodes could potentially be forced to quit and lose his World Title in Scotland. This article will look at a handful of things that could happen if The American Nightmare does indeed utter the words "I quit."

Below are four potential outcomes if Cody Rhodes loses the 'I Quit' match at Clash at the Castle.

#4. The O.C. may rule WWE

AJ Styles is one of the most talented performers in WWE and wrestling history. He started his career around 25 years ago and even briefly competed for WCW before making a name for himself in TNA, R of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

In WWE, Styles is a multi-time World Champion, but he hasn't held a top title in many years. If he forces Cody to say "I quit," however, that will change a lot of things. It will also make both The Phenomenal One and The O.C. major players in the company once again.

In fact, if he holds the World Title, an argument could be made that The O.C. will run World Wrestling Entertainment. The Bloodline ran things when Roman had the gold, so the very same could be said for The Original Club if Cody quits in Scotland.

#3. Cody Rhodes could form a stable to combat the group

The O.C. poses a serious threat to Cody Rhodes and the rest of the WWE. Fans may forget that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are multi-time Tag Team Champions who have won gold in just about every promotion they've competed in.

Now that the duo is back with AJ Styles, they could be more dangerous than ever. As villains, they will be far more cutthroat, which is scary for the rest of the roster. Cody Rhodes may need to band together with other stars to take the group down.

This could mean that Cody will form a stable with the likes of Kevin Owens and Randy Orton. Alternatively, he could call upon the WWE NXT Tag Team Champions Axiom and Nathan Frazer since both men have had issues with The Good Brothers as of late. Regardless, in the case of a loss, Cody may try to get help.

#2. The O.C. may feud with The Bloodline

The Bloodline has been the most dominant stable in WWE for years now. With The Rock and Roman Reigns away from television, the current incarnation features Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Tonga Loa. Many expect Jacob Fatu to join the mix sooner rather than later.

During a recent backstage segment, Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa discussed Cody Rhodes. Heyman noted they needed a plan regarding the Undisputed WWE Championship, but Solo implied things were already being worked on.

If AJ wins the gold, the focus may shift from Cody and move to Styles. If it does, this could lead to The Bloodline battling The O.C. with Solo Sikoa hoping to dethrone AJ Styles. For now, the numbers appear to be even, so it would be interesting to see which group stands tall if they were to fight.

#1. The American Nightmare could turn heel

Losing the Undisputed WWE Championship would be a massive blow to Cody Rhodes. Ever since returning to the Sports Entertainment juggernaut, Rhodes made his goal extremely clear: he wanted to finish the story.

The story was winning the title his father, the late-great Dusty Rhodes, never held. As everybody knows by now, Cody did exactly this by defeating Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania 40. It was an incredible moment, so losing the belt just a few months later would be devastating.

This could lead to The American Nightmare turning heel. Rhodes could be so angry with his loss that he just snaps and loses his mind. A heel Cody would shake things up, but it would break the hearts of thousands, if not millions, of kids all over the world.

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