4 reasons why Drew McIntyre quit on WWE RAW: Frustrations boiling over, outsider treatment & more

Drew McIntyre walked out of WWE on the latest RAW.
Drew McIntyre walked out of WWE on the latest RAW. (Images via WWE.com)

After yet another disappointing finish to a title match, Drew McIntyre quit WWE on the latest episode of RAW. The former WWE Champion was visibly shaken and decided not to address the fans.

The Scotsman was upset after CM Punk cost him the opportunity to regain the World Heavyweight Championship at the recent Clash at the Castle event in Scotland. It was another disappointing result in a recent history of disappointing outcomes for the former world champion.

McIntyre could have finally reached his boiling point after losing in his homeland and decided to quit WWE for the following reasons:

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#4. It's part of the storyline

Drew McIntyre kept on walking by even when Adam Pearce tried to stop him.
Drew McIntyre kept on walking by even when Adam Pearce tried to stop him.

The easiest explanation for Drew McIntyre quitting WWE on RAW could be that it is all part of his storyline. The Scottish Warrior quits the company for whatever reason and returns at a later date.

The main talking point around the angle is when he will come back. Would it be for CM Punk's appearance on the upcoming SmackDown in Chicago? Will he take a month off before SummerSlam? Michael Cole also mentioned that McIntyre deactivated all of his social media accounts during the main event.

McIntyre could easily return next week if Punk rejoins RAW, spoiling his triumphant return. After costing the Scottish Warrior again, Punk is on top of the world, so it's time for the script to flip. If Punk has a big opportunity for Money in the Bank, expect the former WWE Champ to return the favor.

#3. He feels betrayed by the WWE

While it would also be a facet of the 'quitting' angle, McIntyre expressed frustrations with not only Punk but also with WWE. He said some unflattering words about the company before walking out of the ring.

Despite the best efforts of Triple H and Adam Pearce trying to change his mind backstage, McIntyre might feel betrayed by the company. They let someone interfere in his match again and that person hasn't faced any repercussions.

Wrestling companies and other pro sports teams treat their big stars differently than the rest of the roster. The Scottish Warrior may feel that WWE has let Punk do whatever he has wanted to do at his expense.

#2. Drew McIntyre is frustrated with title wins being taken from his grasp

It wasn't all deuces for Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle.
It wasn't all deuces for Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle.

Starting with the first Clash at the Castle, Drew McIntyre has experienced more big-match disappointments than a lot of other WWE stars.

While Cody Rhodes redeemed himself after one big loss to Roman Reigns, McIntyre has seen something taint each of his last few title matches.

A WWE star has interfered in both of his huge title matches at the Clash at the Castle event. Solo Sikoa ruined things in 2022 and CM Punk did the honor in 2024.

He respected his inability to defeat Seth Rollins but those were clean losses. McIntyre also feels that Punk was responsible for Damian Priest cashing in at WrestleMania 40. While he poked the sleeping bear that was an injured CM Punk, history repeated itself several times for a frustrated McIntyre.

#1. He needs a break personally and professionally

When a pro wrestler quits, it is often to take some time off from in-ring action. McIntyre has been a focal point of RAW for the last few years and suffered an injury in April after an interaction with CM Punk.

He healed from that injury and returned to action. Time off is essential for an athlete's body to heal, so a hiatus of any length is good for the system.

Another reason for a storyline break is that McIntyre's wife was rushed into emergency surgery over the weekend. She missed Clash at the Castle and her husband's huge match.

Drew McIntyre could be taking some time off to be with his wife as she recovers. He's been on TV for months selling his feud with CM Punk so now it's Punk's turn to do the same.

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