4 Reasons why Randy Orton should be Roman Reigns' next challenger

Roman Reigns may hear some voices in his head
Roman Reigns may hear some voices in his head

Roman Reigns has disappeared from WWE television following his victory over Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle. At the moment, there are very few viable challengers left for him, and most of them are on the shelf injured.

One potential challenger that stands out is Randy Orton. He is someone who needs no introduction, considering his storied career with the promotion. If you are foolish enough to ask him for one, he will probably show you his fourteen world title reigns before dropping you with an RKO.

Orton is due to return from injury any day now. Several fans believe he should gun for the gold draped around Reigns' shoulders when he does make a comeback. The Viper versus The Tribal Chief is a match that the WWE Universe would pay good money to see, but there are other factors that make this contest one WWE should book.

On that note, we look at four reasons why Randy Orton should be Roman Reigns' next challenger.

#4 On our list of reasons why Randy Orton should be Roman Reigns' next challenger: He is a credible and bulletproof opponent

Orton is a top-tier superstar
Orton is a top-tier superstar

Randy Orton is one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time. Throughout his career, he has developed a reputation for being someone who would never look out of place while competing at the highest level. Twenty years after his debut, the said reputation is still in place.

As such, Roman Reigns versus Randy Orton for the former's Undisputed WWE Universal Championship will be a marquee matchup. Orton's credibility means fans can easily buy into him being a legitimate threat to Reigns' record-breaking reign. Even if he takes the loss, his momentum will barely be affected.

#3 The storyline is already written


If you think back a little, you will recall that it was Roman Reigns and The Bloodline who put Randy Orton out of action. Their feud with RK-Bro a couple of months ago saw them injure Orton and attack his partner Matt Riddle at every turn, something the former world champion will be looking to avenge when he returns.

Sneaky RKOs to The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn, and a warning shot to Reigns is all Orton needs to deliver. WWE will then have a mega match on hand to headline one of their premium live events. A callback to the past would also be great storytelling and raise the stakes heading into their clash.

#2 It will be a chance for him to surpass Triple H's record

If Orton can repeat this trick two more times, he will shatter a huge record
If Orton can repeat this trick two more times, he will shatter a huge record

Randy Orton currently finds himself level with Triple H on the list of most world championship reigns. With The Game officially retired, he has time to surpass his number, and a title match against Roman Reigns could be his best chance at doing so.

Orton will also have one eye on the all-time record. John Cena and Ric Flair are ahead of him, who are tied at a record sixteen wins each. Should The Apex Predator beat Reigns and then go on to win the title one more time, he will have carved out a significant piece of history for himself.

#1 WWE could book him to win one of the two world titles for RAW


With Roman Reigns' part-time schedule preventing him from appearing every week, the world title isn't receiving the desired spotlight. The champion's absence is affecting SmackDown and RAW, but the latter show has suffered more due to Reigns being a member of the blue brand.

This is where Randy Orton comes in. Orton is a RAW Superstar and a top one at that. If he can somehow convince The Head of the Table to put the WWE Championship on the line against him, it will make for an interesting watch. The Viper beating the champion and taking the title to the red brand would instantly solve the current problem.

This way, Reigns can still rule as champion while also giving RAW its spark back. Orton, meanwhile, could become the face of the red show and take on all comers. A win-win for everyone involved, so the ball is very much in WWE's court.

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