4 Stars who returned to WWE TV on RAW this week

RAW had surprises throughout the show.
RAW had numerous surprises in store for fans [Image source: wwe.com]

The June 17, 2024, episode of Monday Night RAW will likely not be forgotten for years. It was, by far, one of the greatest live broadcasts of the red show this year.

RAW featured the fallout from WWE Clash at the Castle Scotland, but few would have expected the show to be so noteworthy, surprising, and memorable. From Jey Uso and IYO SKY qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder matches to Chad Gable's life falling apart and Drew McIntyre quitting, it was the ultimate thrill ride.

In the end, the surprise returns catapulted the show from good to great. On that note, let's look at four stars who returned to WWE TV on RAW this week.

SPOILER: Only the confirmed and identified members of Uncle Howdy's Wyatt Sicks faction have been included.

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#4 Monday Night Rollins opened the show to a thunderous ovation

American Bank Center was taken aback immediately at the outset of the three-hour telecast as "BURN IT DOWN!" blared through the speakers.

Seth 'Freakin' Rollins arrived in a white suit with a fedora of the same color. This was The Visionary's first appearance on TV since WrestleMania XL Night Two, where he lost the World Heavyweight Championship and interfered in the main event to cost Roman Reigns the Undisputed WWE Championship.

The inaugural World Heavyweight Champion of the modern era addressed the live crowd and quickly made his intentions known. He made it clear that he wanted his title back.

El Campeon Damain Priest interrupted the festivities and eventually offered a World Heavyweight Title shot to the returning Rollins. The Visionary, initially hesitant, accepted the challenge to the live crowd's approval.

RAW needed Seth 'Freakin' Rollins. The Visionary carried the red brand on his back in 2023, and his return will now add some much-needed star power to the show.

#3 Nikki Cross returned as Sister Abigail/ Abby the Witch

Despite a thoroughly entertaining episode, it was the final segment that mesmerized fans worldwide. After Jey Uso defeated Finn Balor and Rey Mysterio to qualify for the Men's MITB Ladder Match, the lights went out and a door appeared on the entranceway.

This was naturally a tribute to the late Bray Wyatt. The door opened, and a mysterious female figure with a horrid mask crawled to the iconic lantern, a trademark of Wyatt. She pointed to the Gorilla position, introducing the other members of the new faction.

Considering the star's eerie past and the physical appearance of the demonic female figure, fans are convinced that she is Nikki Cross. She is best-suited to be Sister Abigail, a character that was central to Wyatt's persona, and thus it makes sense to include her in the Wyatt Sicks faction.

#2 Erick Rowan is Rambling Rabbit


As the camera cut backstage, fans saw a tall figure wielding a mallet and donning a rabbit's mask. Eventually, as the character appeared on stage, fans spotted the red beard, convincing everyone that Erick Rowan had returned.

Rowan's inclusion in Wyatt Sicks was a foregone conclusion. The 42-year-old star was one of Bray Wyatt's most trusted allies as part of The Wyatt Family. The former Tag Team Champion returned last year to pay tribute to his friend and has now re-emerged to keep his legacy alive.

The White Sheep also paid tribute to the late Luke Harper (Brodie Lee) with the mallet, a throwback to The Bludgeon Brothers, who carried heavy hammers with them.

#1 Bo Dallas as Uncle Howdy is back to torment Monday Night RAW


All the theatrics led to the reveal of the familiar Uncle Howdy, who had previously appeared on television as an important character in the final storyline of Bray Wyatt's career.

Howdy casually looked at a bloodied and bruised Chad Gable before he grabbed the lantern and walked to the stage. Flanked by other members of the Wyatt Sicks faction, he shouted "We're Here" as RAW went off the air.

Although Howdy never revealed himself on TV as Bo Dallas, it is common knowledge that the mysterious figure is Dallas, who is also Bray Wyatt's real-life brother.

Bray Wyatt's death was a tragedy. However, Dallas had the chance to pay tribute to his brother and revive his WWE career through the Wyatt Sicks stable.

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Edited by Pratik Singh
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