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4 Things NXT got just right on this week’s episode (October 2, 2019) 

Ali Akber
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03 Oct 2019, 16:45 IST

The return of Ciampa and Balor has shaken the entire brand to its core
The return of Ciampa and Balor has shaken the entire brand to its core

Who says NXT is a developmental brand?

This week’s NXT episode did more than anyone could have ever imagined to establish the brand as one of the strongest in all of the wrestling industry. Last night's episode also left a big mark on the USA Network.

From hard-hitting non-title matches, to the North American Championship rematch challenge, to the NXT Championship match, the action was as solid as ever.

The company did a lot to bring more attention to the Black and Gold Brand, ensuring fans would stay focused on the action that took place in NXT without moving away to any other promotion.

In this article, we take a look at the 4 things NXT got just right on this week’s episode of the show.

#1 Introduced Velveteen Dream to the USA Network audience in perfect fashion

On NXT's USA Network premiere, Velveteen Dream defended his North American Championship against Roderick Strong. The action was as tight as ever, and the two men delivered a TakeOver worthy performance. At the end of the day, Strong managed to defeat Dream to score his first singles championship in WWE.

While the match did everything to display the in-ring talent of both Dream and Strong, it did not do much to introduce Dream’s unique character to the new USA Network audience.

Things were done perfectly this week, as Dream emerged to make a statement in his own unique manner. With the stage lit in purple and pink, Dream called out Strong and issued a challenge for a North American Championship rematch.


The Dream has one of the most unforgettable gimmicks today, and WWE really needed to build on that, especially considering he very well might be the future of the company.

With this week’s segment, not only did the company allow him to issue a challenge to regain his lost title, but Velveteen Dream also showed the world his promo-cutting skills and overall uniqueness.

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