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4 wrestlers who got injured at the wrong time

Aarti Sharma
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Seth Rollins got injured when he was the WWE champion

The worst time of a wrestler’s career is when they are injured, especially when they are touching the heights of their career. Injuries can happen at any time, anywhere and at any place. A lot of wrestlers are injured in the past few months and currently, wrestlers like Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy are injured.

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While we never know when a wrestler might accidentally get injured but it gets weirder when a wrestler is touching the top of the clouds.

Sometimes injuries can be healed within few days to few weeks, but sometimes, it takes a year for a superstar to get fully recovered and if a wrestler’s bad time is running then it might end his career. That is why it is the worst time in a wrestler’s career.

Today, we will look at four wrestlers who got injured at the wrong time.

#4 Daniel Bryan

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He is back now

2012 was the year when the wrestling fans were chanting only ‘YES! YES! YES’. After a year he turned face and from that time he became the most popular superstar in the company.

On June 17, 2013 edition of Monday Night Raw, he faced ‘the Viper’ Randy Orton in a No Disqualification match. During the match, he suffered from a neck injury and the match was cancelled in between.

After that, Bryan got upset with Triple H because he stopped the match early and Bryan lost that match.


Bryan had an argument with the COO and according to him, He knew he could have finished the match and it was decided that he will take his win over Orton. But due to the situation where WWE cannot take the risk, they stopped the match.

Even Triple H himself finished his match with an injury before getting help from the doctors. He did this thing two times in his career.

Bryan got angrier because he was about to win that match. But after some argument, both men cooled down, apologized to one another and closed the matter. He lost many opportunities in his career because of the injury.

This year Bryan made his return to the ring after many years and he is still wrestling with the passion he had during 2012.

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