4 WWE stars Cody Rhodes must recruit against AJ Styles and The O.C.

Cody Rhodes may need help against The O.C. in WWE
Cody Rhodes may need help against The O.C. in WWE. [Image credits: wwe.com]

WWE SmackDown was an emotional episode last week, at least initially. AJ Styles teased that he was "retiring" from the ring and both fans and superstars alike were clearly distraught over it.

Fans could tell it was serious because The Phenomenal One even reunited with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, two guys he has had serious issues with as of late. Despite being long-time close friends, The Good Brothers and Styles were constantly at each other's throats, so the trio letting bygones be bygones spoke volumes about Styles' future.

That is what the audience believed anyway. What ultimately happened was AJ Styles shockingly assaulted Cody Rhodes in a vicious move. Worse yet, The Good Brothers held off any referees or security from interfering in the beatdown.

Cody Rhodes is now surely seeking revenge on AJ, but it would be unwise for him to chase Styles on his own. With The O.C. seemingly having The Phenomenal One's back, Cody needs to find help. This article will look at a few performers who could step up and watch the current Undisputed WWE Champion's back moving forward.

Below are four WWE Superstars Cody Rhodes must recruit against AJ Styles and The O.C.

#4. LA Knight might be frustrated by AJ Styles' actions on WWE SmackDown

LA Knight is an extremely popular performer currently signed to the Friday Night SmackDown brand. In fact, he has been a member of the blue brand since joining the main roster full-time in 2022.

The Megastar is likely fuming following WWE SmackDown last week. Despite a vicious rivalry with AJ Styles, Knight paid respect to the former world champion while believing the 47-year-old star to truly be retiring. Once it was clearly a ruse, Knight had to be annoyed that he gave The Phenomenal One the benefit of the doubt.

Realistically, The Megastar likely feels dumb after falling for Styles' trick. As a result, he may unite with Cody Rhodes, both to teach Styles a lesson and to save the babyface. For Cody, having a talent like Knight watching his back would be huge provided they can co-exist.

#3. Axiom & #2. Nathan Frazer, The Good Brothers are currently feuding with a top duo

Axiom is one of the most crisp in-ring performers in WWE and the rest of the wrestling world. The masked marvel started his time in the Stamford-based company on NXT UK, but he is now one of the better performers on the white and gold brand.

Nathan Frazer is another highly talented star. What he lacks in crispness, at least compared to Axiom, he more than makes up for in speed. Frazer joins Bron Breakker as one of the fastest stars in the entire company.

The duo of Frazer and Axiom are the reigning NXT Tag Team Champions. They won the prestigious titles by defeating The Wolf Dogs and they hope to hold onto the titles going forward, but they will be defending the gold against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows at NXT Battleground 2024.

Things between the two teams have heated up recently and the four men even brawled at a merch truck. Cody Rhodes could see this and call on the two young high-flying stars to watch his back. This could be a good way to prepare the current NXT Tag Team Champions for their potential future call-up to the main roster.

#1. Baron Corbin needs an opportunity

Baron Corbin is an underrated WWE performer who has been bogged down by bad gimmicks and bookings throughout much of his career. He battled name changes and gimmicks such as King Corbin, Constable Corbin, Happy Corbin, and much more. He returned to NXT last year and corrected the mistakes, essentially resurrecting his career.

Following Corbin's return to NXT to reinvent himself, the big man was called back to the main roster in the 2024 WWE Draft. Since then, he has competed just once. His match was notable, though, as he and Carmelo Hayes put on a good one. Ultimately, Baron lost the bout.

Still, The Lone Wolf needs to do something on the main roster and now that he is seemingly a babyface competitor, it would be logical for him to have Cody Rhodes' back. It would also make for a nice full-circle moment, as before Baron returned to NXT, Cody taught him a lesson on RAW. The two stars potentially being united could be fun to watch.

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