4 WWE stars who shouldn't turn heel any time soon

The Scottish Warrior is ready for another main-event run as a face.
The Scottish Warrior is ready for another main-event run as a face.

WWE was dealt a massive blow to the babyfaces of its main-event roster when Cody Rhodes tore his pectoral muscle. He still competed and won at Hell in a Cell. The American Nightmare then underwent surgery and will be out of action for at least nine months.

Rhodes was quickly becoming one of the top faces in all of WWE. His unfortunate injury leaves a void atop that needs to be filled. SmackDown was already in a worse position than RAW due to the lack of top faces.

The blue brand's current top face, Drew McIntyre, is the only credible challenger for Roman Reigns. Now that the Tribal Chief holds both titles as the Undisputed Champion, his challengers can come from either brand. That's a good thing until there is another draft.

"I don't tell people I'm intimidating. I just am."Can @RheaRipley_WWE become a 2-time #WWERaw Women's Champion at #MITB?

When it comes to the women of WWE, both Champions are faces. Rhea Ripley was also a face, but she turned heel following WrestleMania. SmackDown has been reshuffling its deck for months, adding Raquel Rodriguez after WM. Shotzi has recently received air time as a heel with Ronda Rousey as SmackDown Women's Champ.

Which current male and female WWE stars should not turn heel? Here are four names who should continue to battle the villains of WWE.

#4 Alexa Bliss is a popular performer

Alexa Bliss went through therapy sessions on TV following the Royal Rumble. She fought at the Elimination Chamber in February but didn't return until after WrestleMania. When she did, she had a new theme of music, attire, and a smile. The RAW star still brought Lilly to the ring, maintaining that she was still a face.

Despite being better as a condescending heel or supernatural trickster, Bliss should remain a face. She can still challenge Bianca Belair at any time. Alongside Becky Lynch, Ripley should be built as one of the top heels on RAW. There's also Doudrop, Nikki A.S.H., Sonya Deville, and Carmella as heels on Monday nights.

RAW is set in terms of villains, so Bliss should remain a bubbly face. She can team up with another popular face, Liv Morgan, or go alone.

#3 Riddle is being built up as a top face in WWE

Riddle has a bone to pick with the Bloodline.
Riddle has a bone to pick with the Bloodline.

The Original Bro has won the US Title and the RAW Tag Team Titles. He's been slowly built up since his main roster debut a few years ago. His current angle opposing The Bloodline has increased his credibility as a main-event level face.

Because of the build of his character, Riddle needs to stay the course. He is goofy, and the fans love him. The Original Bro can back everything up in the ring, making his opponents forget about the guy wearing sandals to the ring.

WWE must build at least one or two new big stars each year. Rhodes' return added one big name to the main event. Riddle's ascension alongside Randy Orton has put him in a position to be another main-event star for WWE.

#2 Drew McIntyre is needed as the top face of WWE

"Put me in the match."@DMcIntyreWWE feels like he should be going to #MITB. #SmackDown

Drew McIntyre returned to WWE a few years ago, winning the WWE Championship in 2019. Since that run, however, his feuds have been hit or miss. The rivalry with Happy Corbin lasted almost five months as Corbin and Madcap Moss attacked him at the end of 2021. He defeated Moss at WWE Day 1 and the former Money in the Bank winner at WrestleMania 38.

Many have figured that the Scottish Warrior would be an ideal opponent for the Unified Champion. He's had brushes with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline, like participating in a six-man tag match at WM Backlash.

McIntyre is popular with the fans since beating Brock Lesnar gave him credibility. He's long overdue for another title run. If the SmackDown star wins the title again, it should be as a face. He's too important to the main event scene to switch allegiances.

#1 AJ Styles is too popular to turn heel

The Phenomenal AJ Styles
The Phenomenal AJ Styles

AJ Styles is cheered whether he is a heel or a face. The same goes for Daniel Bryan. Both are so great at the craft that it is hard to root against them.

The Phenomenal One is also more believable as a face. He's hard-charging, brave, and scrappy. His high-flying move set is better suited to being a good guy. Styles has worked as a heel, but his best work in WWE has been as a face.

With a lack of believable main-event faces, Styles shouldn't turn heel soon. He just recently switched after feuding with Omos. Turning back again quickly would put him close to Miz/Natalya status. Those two stars have turned back and forth so often that they have lost their luster.

Styles should be a potential challenger for Roman Reigns. If he isn't, he should be used as a main event level face who isn't involved in a title program.

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