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4 Superstars Who Should Move to SmackDown after the Brand Split

Brand Split would also mean a roster split, and these Superstars need that!

These wrestlers could do with a move to Smackdown!

What will happen once WWE decides to hold its “Draft” and begin the brand split we all have anticipated? Can the company that lacks competition create its own warfare and entertain the fans with what is believed to be two title belts and new titles to fight over?

Does this mean there will be an over-saturation of sports entertainment while fans are already begging for something new and different? Don’t let the idea of the brand split fool you – it may have been done more out of desperation than anything else.

It’s a great concept if it is used properly and wrestlers are booked based on their strengths, rather than throwing them to different opponents in the ring and hoping it just works.

Because of the changes forthcoming and Money in the Bank being merely days away, this is an important time in WWE.

Every event in WWE is important because of the ebb and flow of the fan base. But if done properly, and stars change from one brand to the next seamlessly, there shouldn’t be a problem with the creation of brand-based champions and storylines.

The question then becomes who stays on Monday night and who takes a ride over to the Tuesday night live show? Here are a few wrestlers who might be asked to move their seat to new programming.

#1 John Cena 

John Cena’s inclusion could legitimize the SmackDown brand

If WWE wants to be serious about the brand split, continue to make Cena the focal point of the show on Tuesday and bring AJ Styles and The Club for a while. Cena is still the company’s biggest draw and could make the “second” show must see television.

The feud with Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson gives the company ammunition to put Roman Reigns’ title run on the back burner. The brand split will take some getting used to and should have star power from the start.  What WWE does with Cena for the rest of the year is up in the air.

This would make Tuesday nights about Cena, much like The Rock helping to establish Smackdown.

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