41-year-old WWE superstar to be added to CM Punk vs Seth Rollins? Exploring the likelihood

CM Punk was last seen in WWE nine years ago.
CM Punk was last seen in WWE nine years ago.

CM Punk’s WWE return at Survivor Series 2023 was met with a harsh reaction from Seth Rollins. The Visionary had to be physically restrained by officials such as Michael Cole and referees to avoid any altercation on the ramp.

On the following WWE RAW, the World Heavyweight Champion refused to waste any energy on discussing The Second City Saint, terming him a “hypocrite.” However, WWE leveled up using the heat and potentially creating Punk’s first rivalry against Seth Rollins.

Unfortunately for Punk and Rollins, their biggest threat looms in the shadows with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Damian Priest has tried to cash in against Rollins several times and failed. With Punk and Rollins high on vulnerable emotions, The Archer of Infamy can use it as an opportunity to cash in successfully against The Visionary.

Since this rivalry is rooted within the realms of reality, it doesn’t have to be a match at a premium live event. It will attract an audience even if WWE books the match for RAW. Furthermore, Damian Priest’s successful cash-in prior to a premium live event can set up a triple-threat match between Priest, Punk, and Rollins for the PLE. It will bring The Judgment Day ringside, the babyfaces ringside, and Punk will hopefully have an ally by then.

A triple-threat match between one of RAW’s top heels, top babyface, and top returns of 2023 is a money-making match!

CM Punk returned to WWE with one motive

On his first RAW in almost 9 years, CM Punk cut a segment that fans rejoiced in. The Second City Saint claimed he was home and thanked the audience for never forgetting him while continuously chanting his name as well.

Punk revealed his motive for returning to WWE, which sheds light on why he didn’t bother to smoothen things out with Seth Rollins.

CM Punk is supposed to have a feud with Roman Reigns as well, but the details of the same aren’t available yet.