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5 Acting Techniques WWE Hulks Should Be Introduced To

J. Carpenter
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That’s not turning into an Oscar anytime soon

Today's common wrestling fan is much different than the fans were, maybe 20 years ago. Back in the earlier years in wrestling, there wasn't much need for good acting skills. There were no live, televised events, nor was there very much effort going into the storylines. That's not necessarily a knock on the legends of the past. It's simply a testament of how much things have changed and how much theatrics comes into play with today's product.

Wrestlers at one point in time were just that...wrestlers. They made their entrance, they locked up with their opponent and when the dust settled, we had a winner. That was it and that's all fans expected.

Little did they know back then, but wrestling would evolve into a full-blown production. Now there's lights, pyro, drama, swerves, turmoil and chaos. Professional wrestling is much more than what goes on inside the squared circle. It's a complete story of good versus evil. There's villains and heroes, betrayal and conflict, highs and lows and twists and turns. Professional wrestling is an art form, requiring more than brute force and chiseled physiques. 

Today we will take a look at five acting techniques that any wrestler or anyone considering becoming a wrestler should study.

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