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5 Backstage stories about The Undertaker that you should know

  • There are several interesting backstage stories from The Undertaker's storied WWE career.
  • The Deadman took every necessary measure to keep the locker room disciplined.
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Modified 13 May 2020, 00:58 IST

The Undertaker can never be replaced in this business
The Undertaker can never be replaced in this business

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the biggest Superstars in the history of sports entertainment. He has performed and entertained the pro-wrestling fans for three decades. However, there are very few names in the business, if any, that can be included in the same bracket as The Deadman.

While The Undertaker has a long list of WWE accolades attached to his name including the iconic WrestleMania streak, there’s more to him than his legendary gimmick. It is important to note that when The Undertaker first started ruling the business, the wrestlers worked hard at maintaining kayfabe.

But things have changed a lot in the last decade, and now, Superstars who once shared the locker room with The Deadman often share amazing stories of the man who is one of the most respected wrestlers in WWE history.

Fortunately for us, these backstage stories allow us to look at not just The Undertaker, but also the man behind that gimmick – Mark Calaway. The living legend has etched his name with golden ink in WWE history, but not everyone is familiar with the lesser-known chapters that unfolded away from the spotlight.

In this article, we will revisit five incredible backstage stories about The Undertaker that you should know. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

#5 The Undertaker wrestled despite sustaining second and third-degree burns

Only The Undertaker could no-sell fire
Only The Undertaker could no-sell fire

Even though the WWE creative have control over most of the things that transpire inside the ring and out of it, sometimes even they are forced to face situations where they can’t predict the sudden turn of events.

But it takes a much stronger man to stand in the face of unforeseen adversity and still manage to come out on top. And if you wish to find someone like that in WWE, your search will end with The Undertaker.


The entire pro-wrestling community will agree that The Undertaker is one of the toughest Superstars to have ever graced the squared circle. Now, there will be a few who would say how can you claim that someone is ‘tough’ when the entire in-ring action is scripted and fights are choreographed?

Well, if you are one of them, then I suggest that you watch the 2010 Elimination Chamber match.

If you didn’t know, The Undertaker was severely injured even before he could make it to the ring. In an unfortunate turn of events, The Phenom was legitimately burned by the pyro techniques during his own entrance.

Despite that, he walked down the ramp and went inside his pod. Before he had to come out and wrestle, The Undertaker was seen pouring cold water over his neck and shoulders that had sustained second and third-degree burns. But that was still not enough to stop him from delivering a good performance at the PPV.

Eventually, The Undertaker lost the match after interference from Shawn Michaels. This set up their rivalry, which would then see its final chapter at WrestleMania.

Hence, it shouldn’t be a surprise that so many WWE Superstars draw inspiration from this living legend even to this day. 

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Published 13 May 2020, 00:58 IST
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