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5 Best crowd signs from WWE Royal Rumble 2017

The fans had a lot to say at the Royal Rumble.

There were some interesting crowd signs at Royal Rumble

Nothing gets a WWE fan more excited than witnessing the Royal Rumble. A pay per view that is always so full of life and fun constantly ensures that fans get their money’s worth. This edition of the coveted pay per view came to us live from San Antonio, Texas.

The event has certainly left some fans disappointed and social media also echoed in unison about how the WWE failed to make use of a great platform, leading up to Wrestlemania.

The highlights included Cena winning the WWE championship, Randy Orton winning the Royal Rumble match and Kevin Owens retaining his universal title. Despite the lacklustre response the event garnered, the fans sure made it worth our while as they came to the show, fully packed with innovative signs and placards to express their support for their Superstars.

We look at five of the most popular crowd signs that the Royal Rumble had on offer for us.

#1 Not reigning very supreme

Not just any other guy, he is ‘the Boring guy’

The love affair between Roman Reigns and the WWE universe is a known fact. Fans have constantly criticised Roman Reigns for his boring style of wrestling and are pretty vocal about it every time the ‘top dog’ steps into the WWE ring. Despite all this, the WWE continues to invest in Reigns and the fans have not taken to this lightly.

With Reigns scheduled to face Kevin Owens for the universal title at the Royal Rumble, one fan wanted to let the world know how lacklustre Roman’s performances are as he held out the ‘When it Reigns, he bores’ sign.

The pay per view did not add to Roman’s credibility either, as he was booed once again when he entered the Royal Rumble in the 30th spot.

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