Jeff Hardy's 5 best WrestleMania moments

Jeff Hardy
Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is a legend in the pro-wrestling business. Kicking off his career as part of a tag team with his brother Matt Hardy, Jeff built a singles career as well.

Throughout his career, Jeff Hardy delighted and astounded fans. Taking the biggest risks in and out of the ring, he built a reputation for being extreme along with his brother. Together with Edge, Christian, and The Dudley Boyz, The Hardy Boyz made history in the tag team division.

Jeff had several major moments at WWE's biggest show of the year β€” WrestleMania. Despite that, his record at WrestleMania is bad β€” he has only won one match at the event out of the seven.

In this article, let's take a look at five of the best Jeff Hardy WrestleMania moments.

#5 Jeff Hardy at the Money in the Bank Ladder Match β€” WrestleMania 23

The WrestleMania 23 Money in the Bank ladder match was one of the most power-packed matches in history. Jeff Hardy faced Matt Hardy, CM Punk, King Booker, Randy Orton, Finlay, Edge, and King Booker, for a chance to become the next Money in the Bank briefcase holder.

The Hardys worked together for most of the match and fought the other members helping themselves to get a better chance at winning.

Then they ended up fighting each other at the top of the ladder, but there was one spectacular moment from Jeff Hardy that stole the show. It looked like Jeff was about to get the briefcase. Unfortunately, Matt Hardy encouraged him to dive off the top of the ladder onto Edge on the outside. Edge had been laid upon a ladder perched between the ring and the barricade.

Jeff Hardy, never averse to taking wild risks, jumped off and hit the leg drop on him through the ladder. Both men were hurt and didn't play big roles in the rest of that match. Mr. Kennedy won the briefcase that year.

#4 Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy at WrestleMania 33

When Jeff Hardy returned to WWE in 2017, it was one of the most unexpected moments in WrestleMania history. There was a tag-team match between Gallows and Anderson, Enzo Amore and Big Cass, and The Bar.

Then the hosts, The New Day, made their way out to announce another tag team that would participate. The audience thought The New Day was inserting themselves into the match, but they introduced Matt and Jeff Hardy, as the Hardys returned to the company together after nearly a decade.

Jeff Hardy and his brother looked like neither had lost a single step in the ring. In front of a raucous crowd cheering them on, the Hardys won the tag team titles. Their run as a tag team following that was not the best, but that night saw them make one of the best returns in WrestleMania history.

This was also the first time Jeff Hardy won at a WrestleMania event.

#3 Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy (WrestleMania XXV)

Jeff Hardy faced his brother Matt Hardy at WrestleMania XXV.

In wrestling, siblings competing against each other often lead to heated rivalries. When the Hardys started to compete against each other, this was inevitable.

The Hardys faced off in an Extreme Rules match. Matt Hardy was the heel who cost Jeff the WWE Championship earlier in the year at the 2009 Royal Rumble event.

Jeff Hardy had some excellent moments in that match as he put Matt through several tables. It was brutal and the two siblings took things as far as they could. Unfortunately, the time was not yet right for Jeff Hardy to win at WrestleMania. He came up short and Matt Hardy defeated him with a Twist of Fate on a steel chair.

This was one of the best matches in their feud, but it was not their last. The two continued to battle on and off until Jeff and Matt both left WWE. Jeff managed to get one back as he defeated his brother in an "I Quit" match.

#2 Matt and Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania 2000

Whenever Matt and Jeff Hardy faced the Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian, it was always magic. On this occasion, the Hardy boys teamed up to face their opponents in a Triangle Tag Team Ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Right from the beginning, it was easy to see why the match would be a classic. The chemistry between the three teams was off the charts. Jeff Hardy stole the show once again as he hit an enormous Swanton Bomb on Bubba Ray through a table on the outside. All three teams received standing ovations, but forwarded the reputations of the Hardys as risk-takers.

Jeff Hardy made a career out of taking insane risks, and this was one of the first times that the audience saw a glimpse of what was to come. It remains one of the most significant WrestleMania moments of his career.

#1 Matt and Jeff Hardy at WrestleMania X-Seven

Jeff Hardy and Matt participated in what's often recognized as the greatest ladder match in WWE history at WrestleMania X-Seven. The Hardys faced Edge and Christian, and the Dudleys in a match where they put their bodies through hell.

The Dudleys entered as the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions. Tables and chairs were legally a part of the match. The bout itself was booked as fully as possible, with Lita, Rhyno, and Spike Dudley all interfering.

This match was the one where Edge hit possibly the best spear of his life, jumping off a ladder to hit Jeff Hardy, who clung to the WWE Tag Team titles in the air. The ladder had been taken out from under his feet and the spear took out both men. It remains a historic moment that has been replayed a million times.

The men in this match took insane risks. While Edge and Christian won, Jeff Hardy received a lot of credit for helping to make it what it was.

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