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5 best moments in the history Elimination Chamber matches

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The Elimination Chamber is one of the most anticipated PPVs of the year.
The Elimination Chamber is one of the most anticipated PPVs of the year.

It is that time of the year again. One of the most anticipated PPVs of the year, the Elimination Chamber is around the corner. Once the annual Elimination Chamber match was moved to February, most of the match winners went on to WrestleMania as the champion, except for John Cena in 2010. Thus, with good authority, we can say that the final WWE title change before Wrestlemania 35, if any, will happen at Elimination Chamber 2019.

Elimination Chamber is known as a demonic structure. Although WWE watered down their old structure, it is still a haunting experience to be in one of those chambers. Hence, we saw a large number of brilliant and innovative spots during the past Elimination Chamber matches. From the pods to the domes to the floor, various Superstars have used the chamber in innovative ways as well. In this list, we will take a look at five of the best moments in Elimination Chamber history.

#5 The Fall

Alright. Let us start with three entries in place of one. WWE had seen its fair share of daredevils on its rosters. These Superstars would perform extreme stunts to entertain the fans. Thus, when the Elimination Chamber was introduced, these athletic talents began creating innovative ways to use the structure. Rob Van Dam was the first Superstar to use the pods for a cool move. He used the pods to deliver a five-star frog splash on Triple H (which broke the Game's Larynx) at Survivor Series 2002.

This stunt was topped by Jeff Hardy, who used the pod for performing a Swanton Bomb on the Big Show at No Way Out 2009. But the best one was from John Morrison, who scaled the entire dome and dropped himself on to Sheamus at Elimination Chamber 2011.

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