5 Best No. 8 Entries in the Royal Rumble

WWE's annual January PPV The Royal Rumble kicks off the WWE's Road to Wrestlemania
WWE's annual January PPV The Royal Rumble kicks off the WWE's Road to Wrestlemania
Edan Nissen

The Royal Rumble is the WWE's annual numbers event, and in the lead up to every Rumble, a video package, or Michael Cole, always emphasize the numbers in the Royal Rumble. This varies from the time between each entry, 90 seconds, or the best number to pick, 30 always considered the best but entry 27th has won the most times, and now there is just as much value given to those that perform large amounts of eliminations or manage to survive in the Royal Rumble, such as Roman Reigns eliminating 12 competitors in the 2014 Royal Rumble or Chris Jericho lasting an hour in 2017.

Despite having to last the longest in the Royal Rumble to win it, the first two competitors to start in the ring have gone the entire distance on 4 separate occasions, as opposed to entries 3 to 10 which have produced 3 winners or entries 10 to 20 which have also only produced 4 winners as well.

Generally, the middle Royal Rumble will be mainly fillers to pad out the match itself, mid-card wrestlers tend to take part in this section of the Rumble, which tends to create a gap between the stars that came out towards the start and the heavy hitters who will emerge in the later entries.

Number 8 is only of those entries which have contained a winner, with Randy Orton winning from the 8th entry in 2009 largely thanks to his Legacy faction and Batista finished 3rd in 2008. The number 8 entry has eliminated 28 other superstars, including Dana Brooke who eliminated Kairi Sane from the inaugural women's Royal Rumble. However, Goldust has come out twice in the number eight entry but was not able to eliminate anyone in either of those attempts.

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