5 Best No. 5 Entries in the Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble has been a staple of WWE's PPV calendar since 1988
The Royal Rumble has been a staple of WWE's PPV calendar since 1988
Edan Nissen

As we start to dig deeper and deeper into the middle of the Royal Rumble list, we start hitting the middle of the match.

The first two entrants have usually established themselves, and we no longer have candidates for the iron man of the match. Usually, by the time the fifth entrant has come out, the first person in the Royal Rumble has already been eliminated.

Unlike the previous entries, the fifth entry has usually not been the first eliminated, with it only having happened three times in the Rumbles history.

Given that the number 5 entry has finished in the top 6 on three separate occasions, it's a better spot to have than some others, despite its relatively early entry point.

The fifth entrant usually, but not always, comes out when the ring is beginning to fill up and wrestlers are separating into one-on-one duels around the ring. Usually, wrestlers are in the process of trying to eliminate one of the other competitors and the fifth entry will either try to help out in the elimination or make the save for the wrestler about to be eliminated.

The 5th entry of the Royal Rumble has only produced one winner in Stone Cold Steve Austin back in 1998, while Edge and Bray Wyatt have gotten closest after that. The number 5 entry has resulted in 48 eliminations, largely due to the 10 eliminations by Stone Cold Steve Austin at the 1997 Rumble as well as Rikishi's 7 eliminations in the 2000 Rumble as well as 6 by Bray Wyatt on debut in 2015 and Edge's 5 in 2007.

In the women's Rumble, the number 5 entry was Lita who managed 2 eliminations, those of Mandy Rose and Tamina before Lita was eliminated by Becky Lynch. Lita was the first legend or free agent to appear in the women's Rumble.

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