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5 Best NXT TakeOver Matches

Richie Jewell
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Counting down the best matches that took place in NXT Takeover
Counting down the best matches that took place in NXT Takeover

We are in an exciting period of pro wrestling right now. Bullet Club has taken over the world, Indy wrestling is stronger than ever and most importantly, NXT features some of the best wrestling you'll ever watch.

From its humble beginnings as FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling), to the creation of NXT, to the worldwide juggernaut that the brand has become, the creative team behind WWE's 'developmental' has shown that they're constantly looking to push the envelope.

From storytelling, in-ring, or presentation standpoint, NXT is so great that it outshines the WWE main roster every time a TakeOver special takes place, making the main roster seem tame on pay-per-view days later.

A staple of NXT since its inception are the live TakeOver specials, essentially the same thing as WWE pay-per-views on a slightly smaller scale. Since the first live event- NXT Arrival, wowed us with the opening match, featuring Sami Zayn vs Cesaro, the company has raised the bar in terms of the quality entertainment that two hours of wrestling can provide.

The upcoming and anticipated NXT TakeOver- New Orleans will take place on WrestleMania weekend. I'm pretty sure that it will exceed every wrestling fan's expectations and every match will deliver

In this article, we are going to look at 5 amazing matches that are instant classics and still gets the fans talking about it to this day.

#5 The Revival vs #DIY (NXT TakeOver: Toronto (2016))


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Best tag team match of all time

Without a doubt, this match was one of the greatest tag team matches in WWE history, maybe even the best. The Revival brought prestige back to the tag team division, producing some of the best tag matches in a very long time, both against American Alpha and DIY, with this 2 out of a 3 falls classic from Toronto being the best.

The tension was pretty crazy, many great near falls ocurred, the crowd went nuts, they used the callbacks cleverly and the ending was very good. The Revival had another very strong performance, their teamwork was great as usual, they brought a lot of heat.


#DIY impressed, having the crowd totally behind them and used it perfectly which made their story and their win that much more significant.

How could we forget the fantastic ending too, the scenes of #DIY putting The Revival in submissions and with the champions desperately trying not to tap out, even holding each others hands to make sure neither would lose the match looked incredible.

This was as close from tag team mastery as we've ever seen in not just NXT, but in WWE as well, a legitimate classic

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