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5 Best WWE makeovers of all time

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There have been some really bad characters in WWE who have become mega stars

Like the old Sheryl Crow song goes, “A change will do you good.” Sometimes, WWE superstars don’t have the right look or gimmick when they make their first appearance on television. Maybe the character doesn’t resonate with the fans. Maybe the gimmick is too scary or in some instances, just plain lame.

The WWF of the 1980s was famous for taking a character once they had lost a key match or dropped a title and repackaging them as another gimmick that proved to be an instant success. Mike Rotunda to IRS. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo became “The Professor” and The One Man Gang became Akeem.

All three had huge success in the traveling circus Vince McMahon built because someone was creative enough to develop characters, to write storylines that focused on who these performers were, not what they could do in the ring.

Today in this business, character development is a lost art form.

During the modern era, there have been plenty of performers who, for one reason or another, needed another push that led to gold and world titles. There may be that kind of “shocking development” for some of the current stars on WWE’s rosters. If the company ever gets back to its roots and works on character development and telling the story behind the story, fans might take a great interest in the men and women who work in and out of the ring.

Here are the five best makeovers in WWE of all-time.

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