5 Big Opportunities WWE missed out on after Samoa Joe was released 

Letting go of Samoa Joe wasn't necessarily the best decision
Letting go of Samoa Joe wasn't necessarily the best decision
Riju Dasgupta

Of all the WWE releases that happened recently, Samoa Joe's name stood out the most. While nobody deserves to lose their means of livelihood, some superstars like Bo Dallas and Kalisto never got the opportunity to showcase their talent and few eyebrows were raised upon their departure.

Kevin Dunn apparently didn't see the same value in Billie Kay that we, the fans, did, and the WWE departure of The IIconics, as shocking as it is, isn't nearly as puzzling as that of Samoa Joe. And that is because of all of the missed opportunities from releasing him.

Samoa Joe would have been a great asset at the commentary desk and yes, he would have been a great backstage figure if he ever got the chance. However, the true asset of the Samoan Submission Machine is his equity as an in-ring performer.

Here are five big missed opportunities for WWE thanks to Samoa Joe being released in his prime!

#5 WWE could have given us Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar again

One of the most compelling Brock Lesnar feuds involved his little program against Samoa Joe, where both men brought fire and intensity to the ring.

Paul Heyman had his fingerprints all over this feud and it just seemed like he saw the potential in Samoa Joe that others could not.

Imagine a second round of the same program, with Samoa Joe confronting Brock Lesnar upon his WWE return!

Only this time, Brock Lesnar puts Samoa Joe over clean to establish a brand new star and elevate him to the next level.

Unfortunately, such a program will never come to pass because Samoa Joe is no longer employed by the company and honestly, we do not know if Brock Lesnar's coming back to action either!

#4 Samoa Joe could have had a believable, competitive showing with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE Championship would have been a match that's impossible to call because it could have gone either way.

Let's be honest. Bobby Lashley cannot go from Drew McIntyre to someone like Angel Garza (considering how both men have been booked). He will need a WWE Championship contender who's at the same level as Drew McIntyre and Samoa Joe would have fit the bill perfectly.

Both men have an MMA-inspired style as well, which would have translated wonderfully into a professional wrestling environment.

Also, if you thought that the thought of a Paul Heyman vs. Samoa Joe battle was enticing, imagine the magic Joe and MVP could create! Both are masters at cutting promos and the back-and-forth between both stars in a WWE ring would have been absolute fire.

It's a tragedy that Samoa Joe and Bobby Lashley never got to work together to elevate the prestige of the WWE Championship. Such an absolute tragedy!

#3 Samoa Joe vs. Roman Reigns would have been the ultimate WWE slug-fest

Had Samoa Joe still been a part of the WWE roster, he and Roman Reigns could have formed a Samoan faction which could have, in turn, dominated the SmackDown brand. But the actual money feud would have been one where a babyface Samoa Joe takes on the heel Universal Champion Roman Reigns for the title.

The story writes itself. Even though former WWE Superstar Samoa Joe is from the isle of Samoa, he is not a part of the Anoa'i family, meaning that he has no reason to acknowledge Reigns as the head of the table. This could escalate into a feud where the two powerhouses go back and forth and yes, Samoa Joe becomes the new WWE Universal Champion.

Even though WWE wouldn't have necessarily gone with Samoa Joe as the face of Friday Nights, it would have been a welcome change of pace. Samoa Joe connects with casual and hardcore fans alike. Unfortunately, this match never came to be thanks to his unfortunate, untimely departure.

#2 Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins have quite a WWE history to pick and choose from

WWE SmackDown Superstar Seth Rollins and Samoa Joe have quite the history! Not only did a Samoa Joe & Seth Rollins scuffle lead to a real-life injury for the Messiah of Friday nights, but there's more recent history to draw from as well.

Just check out the official WWE clip above to see how Samoa Joe was a force to be reckoned with, from behind the commentary table as well. It's a wonder that such a force of nature was let go!

Where does Seth Rollins go after Cesaro? The feud already seems overdone and drawn-out. Samoa Joe vs. Seth Rollins could have been a feud that put both superstars back on the map in a big way.

With all due respect to Seth Rollins, the current visionary character may not really be the best run of his WWE career. A feud with Samoa Joe could have rebuilt him into a more convincing, a more interesting and a more despised heel.

#1 Babyface Samoa Joe vs. heel Edge could have been a money feud for WWE had it happened


Soon after Samoa Joe's WWE departure, Sportskeeda had a chance to chat with IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann, who was vocal about wanting to face the Samoan Submission Machine in IMPACT Wrestling. You can check out the entire conversation by clicking on the link right above.

Every word that Samoa Joe utters is doused in passion. Each of his WWE promos felt real, not goofy or contrived as the promos of so many other performers sound, but packed with real emotion.

Edge is someone who channels the same emotions whenever he has a microphone in his hand. Had Edge and Samoa Joe gone to war after WrestleMania, WWE would have had a big-money feud in their hands.

Here are two gladiators who do not perform silly WWE skits, but talk the talk, tell compelling stories and draw viewers in for the ride. Edge vs. Samoa Joe is a major feud that, unfortunately, fans never got to experience.

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