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5 Biggest Moments of Santino Marella's WWE Career

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Santino Marella was released last week by WWE
Modified 15 May 2016
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Santino Marella was one of the seven performers released by the WWE on a day dubbed as ‘Black Friday’ by many fans. The superstar had retired two years ago only to come back on a part-time basis until his release a week ago, that shocked him.

But throughout his career in the WWE, it is an undeniable fact that he became one of the most hilariously endearing characters of all time. He was an underdog and a jobber you always got behind and admired the heart he had to portray such a lovable loser of a character.

 And this very persona came to be made because of the many great moments he’s given to the WWE Universe. Here are 5 of them.

5: The Hilarious Heel

Before Heath Slater became everybody’s favorite jobber to look forward to during the build up to Raw 1000, Santino Marella was sort of acing that role being the one getting pummeled by legends, playing the cocky heel which was just too ridiculously comical to watch. He had this shtick of pronouncing their names incorrectly or their catchphrases and not giving two cents about their legendary status until they gave him a beating.

So, it was much refreshing and impactful when Chris Jericho made his return in 2007 and used Marella’s own tactics to get one over the Italian. It was a ridiculously hilarious segment. Also, 2007 also marks the year where WWE had one of its most hilarious pairings in Maria Kanellis and Marella. Remember the time they felt the wrath of Stone Cold’s beer truck?

Just watch him build up to that heel momentum and insult Austin’s film ‘The Condemned’. It’s funny and it’s glorious to watch his expressions the moment Stone Cold does turn up.

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Published 15 May 2016, 15:32 IST
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