5 biggest unexplained WWE unsolved mysteries

These are some of the WWE mysteries that remain unsolved to this very day.
These are some of the WWE mysteries that remain unsolved to this very day.

Some angles in WWE have been left unsolved. These storylines and plot twists were either forgotten or left hanging. These angles were scrapped for one reason or another or perhaps simply forgotten about by WWE creative.

One thing that holds true is that we are still talking about these specific angles decades after they occurred in WWE programming. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the five biggest unexplained WWE mysteries.

#5. Vince McMahon’s “Death” Storyline

I was honestly quite interested in the Mr. McMahon death storyline back in 2007. Then Benoit happened and the storyline was changed to the dumb Vince McMahon's illegitimate son storyline. That was the beginning of Hornswoggle's insufferable comedy act.#WWE

Vince McMahon has been involved in some crazy angles. He has had his head shaved. He’s urinated on himself on live television, he's been beaten up, slapped around, had his prized corvette destroyed by cement, and sprayed with beer. The list goes on!

However, one of the sillier yet wildest things McMahon has ever done on WWE television was “die”. McMahon was in the middle of suffering a mental breakdown and lost all hope, as he did the unthinkable on a 2007 episode of Monday Night RAW, getting into a limousine that suddenly exploded and became engulfed in flames.

The angle was to lead to a full-blown funeral, testimonials from wrestlers and commentators, featuring the ultimate demise of his character. The angle was quickly dropped after a real-life double homicide-suicide case with the Benoit family took place a week later.

McMahon appeared on television during the Chris Benoit tribute show and officially ended the entire angle after announcing (out of character) that Benoit, along with his wife and son, were found dead at their residence.

#4. The mystery behind the GTV videos

The GTV skits were Vince Russo's idea that never came to competition. The videos were shown in black and white, acting as hidden security footage of wrestlers being documented in compromising situations.

Ultimately, Goldust was supposed to be the man behind the videos. However, he left WWE to return to WCW as Dustin Rhodes before the angle could finish. Funny enough, the company continued airing more GTV videos before suddenly dropping the angle entirely and never revealing who the true mastermind was.

#3. CM Punk’s anti-bullying campaign remarks during Pipebomb segment

1 man. 1 microphone. 1 promo!On a seemingly ordinary Monday night, CM Punk sat alone on the stage and delivered one of the most controversial promos of all time. Just weeks before his scheduled WWE title match against John Cena, Punk got the entire wrestling industry buzzing.

The infamous CM Punk pipebomb promo, which took place on Monday Night RAW in 2011, launched the “Summer of Punk” campaign. Getting the “Straight Edge” star over and arguably more popular than John Cena during that time. Punk ran down the McMahon family and even took some shots at WWE’s anti-bullying campaign.

Before Punk could continue as he was about to tell a story involving Vince McMahon and the anti-bullying campaign, his microphone was cut off. This led to some speculation as to what Punk was going to say had his mic not been cut, while others believed it was just a cue point to end the show.

#2. Someone gave The McMahons a welcome assist at King of the Ring (1999)

Stone Cold steve Austin vs Vince and Shane McMahon in the very first money in the bank match at king of the ring 1999

Vince and Shane McMahon were involved in a handicap ladder match with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at the 1999 King of the Ring with a briefcase hanging above that would grant the winner full ownership over WWE. Austin was inches away from recovering the briefcase when suddenly someone raised the briefcase.

The McMahons would eventually win the match and have the briefcase conveniently lowered for them to get the victory. The real mystery was who helped The McMahons?

The mystery was never solved, but fans have speculated over the years that it might have been The Big Bossman as a way for him to get back into The Corporation faction after he was kicked out of the group weeks prior to the King of the Ring.

#1. Edge’s Attacker at WWE No Way Out (2003)

"At No Way Out 2003, it was strongly hinted that Team Angle took out Edge backstage to get the advantage..."@RealKurtAngle reveals if him Vs. Edge was in the cards again.Get ad-free access to #TAP: ASK KURT ANYTHING on

Before he became the “Rated R Superstar”, Edge was on the rise on SmackDown as a singles star in 2002-2003, leading into the 2003 No Way Out event,

Edge was booked to team up with Chris Benoit and Brock Lesnar to face Team Angle in a 6-man tag match. However, Edge was attacked backstage and taken out of the match.

The mystery behind who attacked Edge remained unresolved, as following his return, the company moved to a completely different angle.

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