5 Bizarre reasons why WWE Superstars were taken off TV 

Several current and former WWE stars have been written off TV for bizarre reasons
Several current and former WWE stars have been written off TV for bizarre reasons
Modified 25 Apr 2021
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At present, WWE has several different brands, which opens up much more TV time for their contracted superstars. Despite this, there are still several wrestlers who have been taken off WWE TV and have not been heard from for several weeks or even months.

Whilst many superstars then struggle to return to WWE TV following their removal, others manage to make it back. Most recently, Aleister Black was able to spend six months on the sidelines before he returned this past week.

Of course, there are other wrestlers who haven't been as lucky and the following list looks at some of the most bizarre reasons why WWE removed their talent from programming.

#5. Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler were collateral when Jaxson Ryker was removed from WWE TV

The Forgotten Sons were seen as the next big thing during their time in NXT before their promotion to the main roster landed them in the mix for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Wesley Blake, Steve Cutler and Jaxson Ryker fought for the Tag Team Championships as part of the 2020 Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Ryker later took to Twitter to post a controversial Tweet supporting the United States President at the time, Donald Trump.

The Tweet gained a lot of attention and several fellow wrestlers even commented on the fact that it was in bad taste at that time, which led to WWE removing all three stars from TV.

Ryker has since been moved over to Monday Night RAW where he teams with Elias. Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler were given a second chance at the beginning of this year when they became The Knights of The Lone Wolf.

Cutler's personal issues outside of WWE then forced Blake to be written off TV once again when the storyline was scrapped. Cutler was released from the company back in January.

The former NXT Tag Team Champion wasn't given another chance on WWE's main roster. He was one of several surprising names released from the company following WrestleMania when WWE made their annual budget cuts. This is made even more surprising given the fact that Blake recently announced that he and his wife Sara Lee were expecting their third child.

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Published 25 Apr 2021
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