5 booking decisions for the WWE Women's Championship

WWE Women’s Champion – Charlotte
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The Women’s division is at an all time peak right now considering the quality of matches that are on display. The likes of Charlotte, Sasha Banks,Becky Lynch and Emma have raised the level of women’s wrestling and it seems set to grow.

But among all the women mentioned, only Charlotte has held the Women’s title. In fact, she has held the title for over 250 days now. This follows even longer reigns by her immediate predecessors Nikki Bella and AJ Lee.

While it is heartening to see the Women’s title not being treated as a hot potato, how can the Women’s Championship angle proceed from this point??

Take a look!

1. A No.1 Contender’s Tournament

Lot of options

It is pretty certain that Natalya’s spot as the No.1 Contender to Charlotte’s Womens’ title is over after another PPV loss to the Champion. So who will step up?

Paige made a well-received return to the ring recently but was booked to lose to the repackaged Emma whereas Becky Lynch suffered the same fate at the hands of the debuting Dana Brooke. With Sasha Banks waiting around the corner as well, how to decide the No.1 contendership?

The answer is what the WWE usually does when there is no clear feud for a champion to engage in – create a tournament. The roster has a lot of talented Divas and an 8-Woman tournament involving Paige, Becky, Dana and even the likes of Alicia Fox, Natalya, Tamina, Summer Rae and Lana can provide drama for crowning Charlotte’s next challenger.

This would also give enough time for Emma, Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella and even Naomi to recover from their injuries and stake claim for the title.

2. A foray into NXT

Will another NXT Diva step up??

Charlotte has generally been considered as one of the focal points of the Women’s revolution and even while conceding that her current heel persona is very effective, she can reach the next level by turning her back on the promotion from where she came to the main roster – NXT.

She can start an angle, degrading the current NXT Divas which could result in the NXT Champion Asuka or a popular NXT star like Bayley to challenge her for the title.

It could also initiate the main roster debut for some more NXT Divas.

3. A Women’s MITB

Do women and ladders mix?

The next WWE PPV will be the always exciting Money in the Bank where the WWE Champion will see a new future challenger. Come to think of it, if a PPV is going to be named after a concept, why restrict it to just one signature match?

Why not a ladder match involving women as well. Sure, it need not have all the death-defying spots that usually accompany a ladder match, but with careful use of the ladders and effective storytelling, a women’s MITB can be just as successful as the normal one.

Consider the likes of Emma winning MITB – It helps to give her a push while not immediately engaging fellow challenger Charlotte in a feud. That could be money.

4. The long overdue Banks Statement

Is Sasha the answer?

WrestleMania 32 was supposed to be Sasha Banks’ moment – almost everyone felt that Sasha was going to finally end Charlotte’s title reign at the grandest stage of them all. With her cousin Snoop Dogg accompanying her to ringside, the elements were set for a Sasha win.

But then, Charlotte retained clean. Not much backlash has come the way of the WWE Creative because the match Charlotte, Sasha and Becky Lynch had at WrestleMania was arguably the match of the night, rendering the result inadequate.

But Banks remains the logical choice to vanquish Charlotte. It seems unlikely that the WWE would want to prolong Charlotte’s title reign just so that she can surpass Nikki Bella’s record – we basically have had a single title change per year for the last three years with AJ Lee, Nikki and now Charlotte going on near or above 300 days as the champion.

Sasha has to win the title as the crowd support for her will dwindle if she isn’t properly pushed.

5. A betrayal and a face turn

No Diva has been booed at so much in recent memory more than Eva Marie

It seems illogical even thinking about this. Charlotte has been a hundred times more effective as a heel rather than as a face. The only way to make a Charlotte face turn work is for her to feud with someone the WWE fans absolutely despise – someone like Eva Marie.

Eva was booed out of the ring by the fans when she appeared on Raw as a face and the same thing followed at WrestleMania as well. The fans hate to love her and this could be used in an angle.

Eva by herself would not be able to pull it off and she needs help from a Flair.

What if Naitch double crosses Charlotte? He can claim that she doesn’t respect him enough and that she did nothing when multiple Divas slapped him across the face. The ultimate betrayal coupled with his association with someone like Eva can be a twist that no one would expect in the Divas division.

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