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5 Booking options for Goldberg's return

Tirtha Deb
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#4 Join The Club and reform it in the absence of AJ Styles:

Even sweeter

Those who have witnessed Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson wreak havoc in the land of the rising sun would commiserate with their present booking in the tag team division of WWE Raw. More than often, they end up facing the punch of the New Day’s clownish antics, reducing themselves to an outright mockery of their fearsome personas.

Their debut on April 11, 2016 bore sufficient traces of the unsparing authority they had left behind in New Japan Pro Wrestling, but it has been a gradual waning since the initial weeks. Not only have they failed to attain any Tag Team gold whatsoever, but also let this tendency fester into incriminatingly pointless gimmicks which ended up being fodder for the New Day’s laughs.

The basic premise of the Bullet Club was a gaijin(foreigner) stable who stormed through the NJPW roster with their dominance. Even though The Club has dissociated themselves from the NJPW trademark, numerous percolations from the original stable are visible on their packaging.

Besides, with the drafting of AJ Styles to Smackdown, and the impossibility of a returning Finn Balor making a heel turn, the stable on Raw is left without a leader to steer it through the roster.

Goldberg’s return after 12 long years would render him a natural outsider to the workings of the New Era. His colossal reputation, driven to the point of a myth, could do well to cement the identity of The Club as one of the strongest teams in the brand.

The magnificent legacy that Goldberg had carved for himself could be redrawn with a flourish by having The Club decimate the entire division, much like they were meant to do. With the absence of a leader, Goldberg could assume that position. Perhaps a switching managerial role with occasional ring activity, since Goldberg is far past his prime, could be attempted.

However, it needs to be seen if Goldberg’s persona could adapt to the dynamics of a faction.  His was the character that took down stables and his isolated “faster, stronger, better” run would be nullified if he was ever put into one.

This is the reason why Brock Lesnar was never in a stable, and Batista’s post- Evolution run was the zenith of his career. Mason Ryan faded into obscurity because he was overshadowed by the more charismatic New Nexus leader while Ryback’s singles run left his Nexus days rolling in the muck.

Gallows and Anderson are not the ones to indulge in sneak attacks. An extended entrance, such as Goldberg’s, was exhilarating because of the inevitability of its outcome. Aligning with a heel Goldberg and emulating his ruthless and assured sense of action could lend them a template to grow out of.


Besides, being in a three-man stable may not necessarily diminish Goldberg’s credibility, as much as it can multiply The Club’s. Finally, after a trailblazing run, there might be a mobilisation of hierarchies and power. Gallows and Anderson, in true heel fashion, could turn on and feud with their leader.

Not only would this put The Club over while retaining the image change they so desperately need but also serve as a proper farewell to Goldberg’s stable run.

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