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5 Booking options for Seth Rollins following Hell in a Cell

With Seth Rollins in a precarious position in terms of his place in WWE's Raw brand, who is next in line to face The Architect?

Seth Rollins has gotten the shaft in his most recent feud with Kevin Owens

To say Seth Rollins got a raw deal Sunday night at Hell in a Cell is an understatement. After the Architect was branded as a wrestler, who could not win without interference from The Authority, it seems that moniker now goes to Kevin Owens, the Universal Heavyweight Champion.

If you listen to a conversation between myself and fellow SportsKeeda featured writer, Sarah Hirsch, you would know we are both not happy with the way Seth Rollins has been used in the recent angle with Kevin Owens.

The former WWE World Champion has been stuck in a situation, where he cannot win even if he beat Owens for the Universal Heavyweight Title. For the 16th time in a row, Rollins competed for a title. That proves just how good he is.

Admittedly, Rollins has deserved a better fate than the one the company has devised for him, as of late. You would figure the man, who held the company strap for 220 days before he blew his knee out, deserves more.

We all knew there would be shenanigans in the ring with Chris Jericho coming to the aid of his BFF. It sealed the win for current Universal Heavyweight Champion.

Now, as WWE moves past Hell in a Cell, there is an opportunity for The Architect to reinvent himself once again. How will WWE book him moving forward? Here are five ways for Rollins to shine now that Hell in a Cell is in the rearview mirror.

#1 Chris Jericho 

Chris Jericho figures to be the next in line to face the former WWE World Champion

Of course, this is going to the be next few steps in Rollins’ road to redemption. The ending of the Hell in a Cell match guaranteed it.

The only thing I wonder about, is when Jericho is going to turn on Owens and demand a chance to vie for the title? Jericho is still doing it better than anyone else. The match was much better than I thought it would be.

The interference did nothing to help it, other than setting up the chance for these two to go at it toward 2017.

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