5 botches you probably missed at WWE Survivor Series 2022

There were several botches last night at WWE Survivor Series
There were several botches last night at WWE Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series 2022 has left fans with a mixture of emotions since The Bloodline storyline was enough to send fans home happy. The rest of the night wasn't at the same level, and several matches contained embarrassing botches.

Numerous moments from last night's show will live long in the memory of WWE fans, including the botches.

The following list looks at just five of the biggest botches that the WWE Universe witnessed last night at Survivor Series: War Games.

#5. Seth Rollins didn't touch anyone with his dive to the outside

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There are several wrestling moves that don't really make any sense. More often than not, the selling makes them look worse than they are. Seth Rollins proved that at WWE Survivor Series when he dived out of the ring, flipped over Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory, and took both men down.

If the footage is slowed down, it can be seen that he barely makes contact with either man. However, both of them went down as if they had been struck.

#4. Bayley is absolutely planted by Bianca Belair

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This one appears to be a miscommunication between the two women since it looks as though Bayley is going for a Hurricanrana, but Bianca Belair has none of it. Instead, she's pulled over before The Role Model is thrown off and slammed to the ground.

Bianca is then quickly helped up off the floor by Mia Yim so that they can catch IYO SKY when she delivers a moonsault from the top rope. It shows that the action in the match came in thick and fast, and some moments were overlooked entirely.

#3. Kevin Owens walks through a superkick at WWE Survivor Series

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The Men's War Games match was easily the stand-out bout of the night, but there were even some exciting moments in that match. Kevin Owens' entrance into the structure saw him walk through a superkick from Jimmy Uso while attacking the two brothers with a chair.

There was clear contact from Uso, which probably shouldn't have been made. However, Owens failed to react to it as he was focused on hitting Uso with a chair before moving on to fight his brother.

#2. IYO SKY loses her grip on the top rope

I love IYO SKY, and she is one of my favourite women’s wrestlers.But I have to say, this botch got me. 😂😭#WarGames #SurvivorSeries

After impressing in previous showings, many wrestling fans were looking forward to seeing what IYO SKY would pull out at WarGames. The Japanese star didn't disappoint, but her appearance did leave a sour taste in fans' mouths since she was also part of a botch of her own.

SKY beat Bianca down in the corner when she went for a top rope move and managed to slip and fall between the ring and the ropes. Luckily, she pulled herself back up and hardly missed a beat, which meant several fans missed it.

#1. Ronda Rousey drops Shotzi at WWE Survivor Series

But y’all stay worried about Alexa lol

Ronda Rousey defended her SmackDown Women's Championship against Shotzi at WWE Survivor Series and has become public enemy number one since the event. One of the biggest botches of the night saw Rousey being unable to help Shotzi deliver a DDT off the apron and instead dropping her and falling to the floor herself.

Fans have since marked her as dangerous and called for WWE to take away her championship, given that Shotzi is lucky she wasn't injured.

Did you spot any other botches at WWE Survivor Series? Have your say in the comments section below.

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