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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Raw (January 9th, 2017)

What caused Chris Jericho's head to bleed?

Y2J celebrates winning the gold

Monday Night Raw was hyped up to feature The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, two Superstars that sometimes are very hard to find.

The Deadman announced on this episode of Raw (because he’s not bound by brands anymore or something) that he was going to compete in the upcoming Royal Rumble, while HBK told Rusev that he was uncomfortable when he spoke of his wife’s Golden Globes.

The more retro parts of Raw were some of the bigger highlights of the show but as always, this is an article that focuses more on the not-so-good stuff. Botches and slip ups are the terms used, and there are several moments that fit into those categories. 

Shawn Michaels not coming back for “One More Match” despite the crowd’s chants is always a bummer, but at least that’s understandable. What’s not understandable is when he was seen in the back learning to dab with TJP – some trends are better left alone, Shawn.

In areas of inevitable marketing that elicit a slight groan, New Day made reference to something disturbing called “Booty Juice.” It was supposedly filled in a keg that Titus was racing with but you just know that it’s going to get bottled up and sold for an unreasonably high markup.

The juice will likely have a cartoon drawing on the label of Big E bent over because for some reason that’s where the money’s at. 

Those were a few of the outrageous moments that didn’t figure in this week’s 5 botchiest moments but don’t worry, the best stuff still lies ahead...

#5 Mysterious bleeding

This is a riddle that’s yet to be solved...what caused Chris Jericho to bleed during Raw’s main event? After watching over and over, Chris first noticeably grabbed at his head when Roman Reigns grazed him while missing the Superman Punch. Did Roman catch him with his gear?

There was also a running bulldog attempt by Y2J that Roman was able to push him away about a minute prior to this. Chris ran directly into Kevin Owens in the corner and could’ve bonked heads, but Jericho never once put his hand toward his head or indicated at all that he suspected an injury until after the missed Superman Punch.

Regardless of how Jericho got opened up in this match, he still won the United States Championship off of Roman Reigns. Congratulations to him.

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