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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Roadblock: End of the Line

See the moment Charlotte busted open Sasha Banks' face!

The best friends had a roller-coaster of a PPV

WWE Roadblock is officially in the books, and it provided us with several positive things to talk about. For one, there were a few title changes that were definitely needed. Cesaro & Sheamus were the fresh faces to capture the Tag Team Championships in a fun opening match, while Charlotte regained the Raw Women’s Championship in the final contest (for now, at least) of her feud with Sasha Banks.

The Tag Division was very overdue for a title switch and Charlotte is simply the best competitor in the Women’s Division right now. The right people left with the belts.

In addition to the title changes, there were also several fun spots including Braun Strowman playing human wrecking ball with a barricade and a semi-Shield reunion for the sake of Powerbombing everybody’s favourite best friends. This was a show that had no shortage of highlights, and that always makes for a solid night of wrestling.

Even though there were many good things to like about Roadblock, there were definitely a few not-so-positive things to sift through as well. A few of these moments include when the crowd gave the destruction of the Cruiserweight Division a roaring ovation, some thought-provoking trash talk while Kevin Owens was in chin lock city, and a gruesomely bloody grill sported by the now-former Raw Women’s Champion.

So get ready for stuff that WWE might wish they could take back as we dive into the botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from the final Pay-Per-View of the year. First up are the Cruiserweights...

#5 Sasha’s bloody face

It took a few rewinds to find out what exactly happened but it appeared that the very first roll-up in overtime, is what caused Sasha Bank’s face to turn bloody. Charlotte’s heel connected with Sasha and that’s all it took. For the rest of the time remaining in the contest, Sasha looked gruesome.

The bloodiness of this innocent slip up added so much character for this last match in this rivalry. Astonishingly, the announcers never once addressed the blood. It was this weird elephant in the room that the producers in Cole & Co.’s ear must’ve been instructing them to not talk about. 

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