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5 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Survivor Series 2016

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WWE Survivor Series 2016 is in the books and what an outrageous night it was. For starters, who would’ve ever guessed that Brock Lesnar would be manhandled by Bill Goldberg like it’s 1997? The entire main event was shocking and will likely be talked about for a long time to come, but we’ll give it a fair chance to run it’s course. It’s hard to imagine that anything risking Brock Lesnar losing even a tiny bit of his monster status being a good thing, but you never know. Maybe there’s some big picture that hasn’t been revealed to us yet as to why Lesnar would lose clean for the first time in years to an aged part-timer.

Despite being a head-scratcher of the main event, Bill Goldberg won his match without incident and it was according to the story. The Toronto crowd even game him the loving reception that WWE hoped he would get. Looking at the rest of the show, not everything else worked out so smoothly. David Otunga demonstrated why he’s not very good at his job, Baron Corbin showed up healthy on a Pay-Per-View that he was written out of due to injury, and Shane McMahon took a spear just a tad too snug. All of this strangeness follows, so continue on to see what cringe-worthy moments follow.

5. A meeting of the minds

Considering this was a 4-hour event (longer considering the pre-show), there was a surprising absence of botches. That’s a good thing because there’s tons of talent on both the Raw and SmackDown rosters and it’s always nice to see everyone perform well. However, there was one move that didn’t go quite as planned.

During the 5-on-5 men’s traditional Survivor Series match, Shane McMahon got eliminated when he went for a Coast to Coast dropkick against The Big Dog. Roman had the move scouted, so he went for a spear to put away the boss’ son. When he went for a subsequent pinfall, something was obviously wrong with Shane. Reigns may have misjudged the distance and shot for the speat too soon. 

It appeared that the two bonked heads together upon impact, effectively knocking Shane out cold. It was a scary situation. Thankfully, he was walking himself out with only a little bit of assistance just a few moments afterwards. Hopefully, this injury doesn’t turn out to be too serious.

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