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5 Brilliant But Unlikely Teams That Could Compete For The WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

Gary Cassidy
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Who could be thrown together?

Well, if all rumours are to be believed, it looks like Women's Tag Team Championships could be announced at any time in WWE, with several outlets reporting that the actual belts are finished, but WWE are waiting for the optimum time to implement the idea.

With WWE's stacked Women's Division and only Women's Championships to go round, it seems only logical. Not to mention the women of WWE making up a stacked division that has never been deeper, nor more talented - and more titles being the next logical step.

When will it happen? Who knows, but with WWE, it could be any time, and they have the talent to step up and fight for the gold immediately, with several teams lying in wait and many Superstars hinting at the belts and their interest in competing for the titles.

With Sasha Banks and Bayley's rivalry taking a U-turn and the pair being touted as the most likely inaugural champions based on their current roles on Raw, why bother looking at the other options, right?

Wrong. We all know WWE likes to be unpredictable, and wrestling's at its best when it's unpredictable, so let's take a look at the other options.

Not the tag teams already in existence. If you want to know the seven most likely teams to compete, they're here - but let's look at some wildcards!

We all know WWE loves throwing together unlikely double acts, or moulding two distinct singles stars to make a team - a la Sheamus and Cesaro becoming "The Bar" after their best of seven series ended in a stalemate and the pair going on to become Tag Team Champions and one of the most dominant teams in WWE today.

So why wouldn't two female singles stars be thrown together to win the titles when they're implemented? Well, simple answer, they most likely will.

While this is at the fantasy booking stage right now, let's have some fun "fantasy booking" it. I'm going to throw together ten incredible solo stars who would make for five unlikely, but brilliant, teams to compete for the eventual titles.


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#5 Natalya and Dana Brooke

Natalya and Brooke already have similar ring attire

So, there's every chance that Natalya and Ronda Rousey may end up competing for the titles if and when they come into play, of course, but what if the pair have fallen out by then? Or if Rousey has the Women's Championship?

One intriguing teaming I've always thought would be great was Natalya and Dana Brooke. I mean, they already have the look - both are blonde women wearing leather/transparent black ring attire - and they have put on great matches against one another in the past, so let's team them up!

Dana Brooke has frequently protested that she wants more in-ring time, and one could say Natalya is equally as underutilized - having only held the Divas Championship and the Women's Championship one time each and, well, Brooke even more so. She's never had a title and is more often spotted on WWE television as a valet for Titus Worldwide, crunching the numbers outside the ring.

Natalya is one of the most technically sound workers in WWE and still garners a great crowd reaction, not to mention is one of the veterans of the game, even helping train Ronda Rousey among others. Teaming her with Brooke, one of WWE's underrated talents in the ring, could be a masterstroke!

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