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5 different booking decisions that should've been made in the Survivor Series main event 

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This had so much potential, but the writers messed it up so badly.
This had so much potential, but the writers messed it up so badly.

Survivor Series 2017 is already in the history books, and it ended... well …in an underwhelming way.

The main event, which was hyped for several weeks, came to a screeching halt once the remaining members of both team SmackDown and team RAW were composed of established veterans, a non-wrestler, and Braun Strowman. After the majority of the new arrivals to the RAW and SmackDown rosters were eliminated, the match went downhill fast.

This made the show-closing match a spectacular disappointment, especially when considered to last year’s match. At least last year’s men’s elimination match had intense drama and more logical booking in terms of eliminations and creative direction.

This year’s match made relatively little sense in terms of building up new stars, and only further perpetuated the idea that older guys and illogical nostalgia are more important than planning for the future.

In what’s becoming a regular trend in WWE, the NXT show that takes place before the ‘Big Four’ WWE show ends up being the one on which one finds superior in-ring wrestling and more logical and consistent booking. Meanwhile, WWE managed to take a highly-anticipated match with one of the most stacked and intriguing team combinations ever, and turn it into a low-key mess.

Here, we propose to give booking decisions that would’ve made this Survivor Series Elimination match much better than how it really was.

#5 Jason Jordan interferes

So this guy gets punked out by Triple H and doesn't even get a chance to get revenge?
So this guy gets punked out by Triple H and doesn't even get a chance to get revenge?

From the way the show was booked, and even from how Jason Jordan was presented on Survivor Series itself, there was an obvious hint that he was going to be involved in the men’s elimination match. Yet, he wasn’t there. He didn’t even show up to play a small role in a single elimination.

So, WWE scripted that promo for Jordan which clearly implied something related to Triple H, but it never occurred. In doing so, they’ve fully solidified Jordan’s status as an insignificant character, especially since he never got his revenge on Triple H in any way for Pedigreeing him on the most recent episode of RAW.

A logical booking direction would’ve taken advantage of that sudden twist on RAW and featured Jordan interfering and somehow eliminating Triple H from the match. Better yet, Triple H could’ve already been eliminated and Jordan could throw HHH through one of the announcer’s table as revenge for getting Pedigreed.

Or even still, there could’ve been a moment where Angle and Jordan do the same to an already-eliminated HHH to show some unity as ‘father and son’. Anything would’ve been better than the main event becoming the Triple H show without him suffering any consequences for his storyline actions.

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