5 directions for The New Day after WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2023

The New Day (L), WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2023 promotional poster (R)
The New Day (L), WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2023 promotional poster (R)

WWE icons The New Day lost the black-and-gold brand's tag straps to Gallus at NXT Vengeance Day 2023. What's next for Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods after they dropped the gold at February's NXT premium live event?

Kofi and Xavier's reign as NXT Tag Team Champions lasted 56 days. They bested Pretty Deadly at NXT Deadline 2022 to capture the titles, becoming Triple Crown Champions as a result and ending Pretty Deadly's second reign. On Saturday, February 4, 2023, The New Day lost their straps in a fatal four-way match involving Chase University, Pretty Deadly, and the winners, Gallus.

Kofi and Xavier are both legendary tag team tacticians, and there are plenty of options for ya boys in WWE following the most recent NXT premium live event. Without further ado, here are five potential directions for the 12-time champions.

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#5. WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods leave NXT

Rather than continuing to compete on the black-and-gold brand, The New Day can return to exclusively wrestling on the main roster. Kofi and Xavier have already won gold in NXT, so unless they want to regain their titles, there really isn't anything more for the tandem to accomplish in the developmental brand's tag team division.

The New Day can say their final goodbyes to the NXT Universe. While they never officially left SmackDown when they went down to NXT, they can come back as exclusive members of the blue brand. If they're not satisfied competing on Friday nights, Monday Night RAW still has room for them on the roster.

#4. The New Day challenges Gallus for the NXT Tag Team Championship

During Saturday's premium live event, Gallus won NXT gold after performing a double-team maneuver on Xavier Woods. Mark Coffey pinned Xavier to pick up the win for his team.

Despite WWE's rematch clause being retired, it's not uncommon for the former champions to want to win their titles back as soon as possible. New Day lost the tag straps a few days ago, and it wouldn't be surprising to see them challenge Gallus for gold.

In December 2022, all New Day needed to do to qualify for a championship match against Pretty Deadly was to call out the champions on an episode of NXT. Maybe they'll do the same with the team of Coffey and Wolfgang.

#3. The New Day has unfinished business with Pretty Deadly

Since interrupting Pretty Deadly's Christmas story on the December 6, 2022 edition of NXT, New Day and Pretty Deadly have had a rivalry going on. So far, The New Day have been winning their feud, but Kit Wilson and Elton Prince may turn that around this February.

The New Day is 1-0 against Pretty Deadly, defeating the team of Wilson and Prince for the NXT Tag Team Titles at December's NXT premium live event. Before Kofi and Xavier return to being permanent members of the main roster, they can assist the developmental brand by putting over two of their most promising stars.

Pretty Deadly would greatly benefit from a win over The New Day. A win like that could catapult Kit and Elton to greatness as tag team wrestlers. But there's also the chance of ya boys getting a clean sweep over Pretty Deadly before returning full-time to the main roster.

#2. The New Day will have to earn a shot at the NXT tag titles

Rather than swiftly booking New Day into a title match immediately, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods may need to win a match or two or three in order to challenge Gallus for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Kofi and Xavier may have to go through a tournament of tag teams to get their shot at Wolfgang and Mark Coffey. Or maybe they'll just have to wrestle in one match to qualify for a shot against the champions.

The New Day didn't need to win a number-one contender's match for them to challenge Pretty Deadly for the gold back in December. But it may be different for Kofi and Xavier if and when they go after Gallus' tag team titles.

#1. Kofi and Xavier attempt to bring Booker T out of retirement for a match at WrestleMania 39 - New Day vs. Harlem Heat

Booker T recently announced his retirement following his participation in the 2023 Men's Royal Rumble match. But that doesn't mean Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods won't be able to make an attempt at baiting the five-time WCW Champion out of retirement for a match at WWE WrestleMania. This potential bout could involve Harlem Heat vs. The New Day.

Former WCW stars Konnan and Disco Inferno have previously talked about how they'd be interested in seeing a battle between the two iconic tag teams at this year's Showcase of the Immortals. Per an interview with Fightful Select, Kofi also showed interest in a potential match between Harlem Heat and New Day.


Booker T is currently 57 years old while his older brother Stevie Ray is 64. Ray last wrestled in 2017 (per Cagematch), but the last time Harlem Heat competed as a team was in 2015 when they won the ROW Tag Team Titles for Booker T's promotion Reality of Wrestling.

On NXT programming, Booker T was highly critical of The New Day during their reign as NXT Tag Team Champions. Maybe this negative criticism will somehow lead to arguably the biggest tag team dream match of all time. Only time will tell.

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