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5 dream matches for a WWE vs NJPW supershow

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If you ask any current wrestling fan what the two biggest promotions in the industry are right now, 95% of them would say World Wrestling Entertainment and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

From Connecticut to Tokyo, they are undoubtedly the leaders when it comes to the popularity of their brands - and as we look ahead to the future, we’re starting to believe that a one-off supershow could be a realistic possibility.

We wouldn’t have been expecting to say that this time last year or even a few months ago, but in the current landscape, it’s not hard to imagine Triple H pushing for something like this to happen.

So then, if it did wind up happening, there would undoubtedly be some incredible matches: and we’re here to run down a few that we’d really, really like to see.

So with that being said, here are our five dream matches for a WWE vs NJPW supershow - and yes, we’ll have more of these coming soon to complete the fantasy card.

#5 Cody vs Roman Reigns

Could this work?
Could this work?

While Cody has been unbelievably successful since leaving WWE a few years back, it still feels like people aren’t giving him the credit that he deserves.

Whether it’s due to his in-ring style or the fact that he’s been booked incredibly strongly, he’s still unable to win everyone over - and somebody who knows a thing or two about that is Roman Reigns.

In fact, back in October, the two even had an interaction when The Big Dog slated Cody on social media. The ROH star was quick to respond, and he actually did so on television, claiming that Reigns’ vest that he wears to the ring was used to hide his failed drugs tests.

While Cody would likely be the fan favourite in this one, you can’t deny that it’d be fascinating to watch.

These two men met when Cody was in WWE, but they never had an extended singles feud, and we just know that they’d create magic together.

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