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5 Things the WWE Needs to Consider When Breaking Bray Wyatt

Darth Tony
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Bray Wyatt entering the Hardy Compound
Bray Wyatt Enters the Hardy Compound

Bray Wyatt is a captivating character when handled properly. His imagery and promos keep the audience hanging on every word, when he's at his best, but when the writing is floating around, it can be mind-numbing trying to follow him. By most standards, Wyatt hasn't changed much as a character since his call-up from NXT.

The way to tell what year his picture is from is to see who is standing with him and even that was mostly Rowan and Harper. Wyatt is a madman that at one point had power and allies, but squandered and lost them both.

The genius of Matt Hardy is both in his brilliance and in his insanity. Does the audience believe that he is speaking to the spirit of George Washington as he prepares for battle, or is this a crazy person explaining his delusions as he talks to a giraffe?

This allows two types of people to enjoy Hardy, while the more horror-inspired Wyatt only appeals to one type of fan, and if you don't like the Undertaker, you aren't going to like Wyatt.

There is a fine line between brilliance and insanity, so let's look at some of the issues that we will be seeing in the coming months, and why the WWE needs to be very careful how they handle this.

#1 How to handle Bray with Brother Nero?

Brother Nero speaking to Bray Wyatt
Brother Nero speaking to Bray Wyatt

Do not repeat the 'Obsolete Mule' gimmick that Jeff Hardy had to go through. That should be unique to him as this should be unique to Wyatt. I agree that there should be a metamorphosis and he shouldn't jump straight into his final form, but his path needs to be different.

Jeff Hardy was a physically Broken man, his body had been through so much over the years that it's amazing he is alive. Wyatt, on the other hand, is more Broken in mind or spirit.

Tag with Matt Hardy. Though it will be fun to see them in the occasional 6-man tag against The New Day, Miztourage, The Shield, or Undisputed Era, if Wyatt and Matt team up for tag action, it can open Jeff Hardy up for singles action on Smackdown.

Matt is the better storyteller, but Jeff is the better singles performer. Mixing it up like this benefits everyone.

The fact that Jeff was moved to Smackdown helps, but as the pay-per-views are no longer going to be brand exclusive, so it is possible for them to call on Jeff for a big match or Deletion.

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