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5 Fastlane opponents for Samoa Joe

Now that Seth Rollins is out of commission, these men can battle the Samoan submission machine.

What’s next for Samoa Joe?

Samoa Joe is a one-of-a-kind superstar in professional wrestling. Rarely does a superstar of his size move with such agility in the ring. His work is immaculate, and while he's been responsible for some unfortunate injuries over time, his matches are always exciting.

Samoa Joe took the world by surprise when he debuted on Raw, the night after the Royal Rumble. As Triple H’s bodyguard, he was sent out to dismantle Seth Rollins. The unfortunate bit is that Joe did his job a little too well, and Rollins will probably be out until Wrestlemania.

Which begs the question, with Rollins out of the picture, who's Joe facing at Fastlane? Here are five probable answers for the same.

#5 Brock Lesnar

Lesnar vs Joe is a Wrestlemania level marquee match

The Beast Incarnate vs. The Samoan Submission Machine! We can see the dollar signs already. If Samoa Joe is booked as a dominant monster (which he has been, thus far); then a match against Brock Lesnar at Fastlane could be big money. To the best of our knowledge, Lesnar wasn’t supposed to be a part of this pay-per-view, but well, injuries change things.

Both men are excellent grapplers and have legitimate backgrounds in combat sports. A fight between the men would be a hard-hitting affair and a nice departure from the squash matches that Lesnar has been having recently.

To be fair, Joe looks like one of the few men on the roster who can actually pose a threat to someone like Lesnar. Joe is also very good on the microphone and can actually (almost) go toe-to-toe with Paul Heyman, in the build to the actual match. It would make a B pay-per-view a must-watch affair and bolster the match card.

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