5 Female wrestlers who competed in bodybuilding before joining WWE

Alexa Bliss and Kaitlyn
Alexa Bliss and Kaitlyn
Avik Das

Physique plays a pivotal role in the world of professional wrestling, as a captivating look certainly garners the attention of fans. WWE traditionally loves to push big guys, who are capable of showing incredible strength between the ropes, making their characters seem larger than life. As a result, WWE has had several top guys with impressive size and appearance.

Although a majority of today's fans prefer in-ring dexterity and charisma over physique, there is still a section of fans who love to watch big wrestlers with an amazing physique. The trend has been the same with the female Superstars. Chyna, who was known to have a remarkable physique, changed the perception of how females were viewed in sports entertainment, and even competed against several big male Superstars.

Knowing the importance of physique, several bodybuilders have jumped ship to start a new career in professional wrestling. In this article, we take a look at five female Superstars who competed in bodybuilding before starting a new career in WWE. 

#5 Kaitlyn


Kaitlyn was a crowd pleaser when she was part of WWE. Having signed with the company in 2010, it took Kaitlyn a few months to make her main roster debut. Eventually, she engaged in a memorable feud with AJ Lee and ended Lee's historic 153 Divas Championship reign. The 33 year old left WWE in 2014, but still makes sporadic appearances and even competed in the 2018 Mae Young Classic.

Kaitlyn was spotted by WWE, due to her success in the world of bodybuilding. She started to compete at an early age. Her first major accomplishment was in 2007, winning the NPC John Sherman Classic Bodybuilding Figure and Fitness Championship. Moreover, Kaitlyn also earned fifth place at the Arnold Classic, which was certainly a notable achievement. Although Kaitlyn doesn't compete anymore, she owns a fitness clothing brand.  

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