5 best submission specialists in WWE history

Daniel Bryan and Bret Hart were both submission specialists
Daniel Bryan and Bret Hart were both submission specialists
Raktim Nandi

Throughout its history, WWE has seen a range of expert technical wrestlers ready to torment their opponents with painful submission moves. Professional wrestling's affinity for submissions is a reminder of its Catch Wrestling origin.

Submissions help to either immobilize a particular limb or part of the receiver's body, at times weakening it enough for the receiver to submit via shouting to the referee or tapping out three times in quick succession.

Many WWE Superstars are armed with a submission finisher alongside their regular finisher. Roman Reigns uses a guillotine choke from time to time, but the Spear is still his regular way to end matches. However, for some, the submission finisher is their main key to victory.

This is a list of 5 submission specialists in WWE history.

#5 Former WWE Hardcore Champion Tazz

Taz just brought back the TAZZMISSION!!!๐Ÿ‘€#AEWDynamite #AEW #AEWonTNT

On his memorable WWE debut, Tazz defeated Kurt Angle, who was undefeated until then. The spectators were soon pleased by the continuation of Tazz's ECW wrestling style, which included two major components: suplexes and submissions.

Tazz popularized the tapout style of defeat widely seen in professional wrestling matches today. His Tazzmission was so powerful that his opponents couldn't vocally answer the referee. This made his character more brutal and ruthless.

Tazz was an important part of the Invasion storyline. He acted as the voice of the Alliance for quite some time, before leaving the faction during the lead-up to the team's Survivor Series match against Team WWE.

Tazz didn't achieve much success in WWE, and he soon transformed into a commentator. After leaving WWE, Tazz continued performing announcing duties for TNA. He currently works in AEW, as a commentator and the manager and leader of Team Taz.

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