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5 former WWE Champions who need to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame

Paul Benson
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The Undertaker: Surely Hall of Fame-bound in the near future?
The Undertaker: Surely Hall of Fame-bound in the near future?

The WWE Hall of Fame was established way back in 1993, originally as a way to pay tribute to the passing of much loved WWE legend, and former WWE Champion, Andre the Giant who had died two months earlier.

It was a wonderful idea in theory as the company sought to celebrate the three-decade history of the promotion by celebrating the legends of it's past. The legacy of the WWE Championship was tied into the Hall by one of its former champions being the sole original inductee.

However, after Andre's enshrinement, initially, very few former of WWE's former WWE champions were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, primarily because many of the stars that WWE boss, Vince McMahon would have chosen to induct into his Hall of Fame were unavailable due to the fact they worked for his competition in WCW and ECW. 

Names such as Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage and Ric Flair would have been ideal candidates for induction in the mid-1990s but the problem for McMahon was that they were no longer under his employ.

Hogan, Savage and Flair were finally inducted in 2005, 2015 and 2008 respectively.

As of 2019, there have been 23 former WWE Champions inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. They are still many more former Champions awaiting induction.

No doubt, there are still some massive, glaring omissions among the former WWE Champions when it comes to WWE's Hall of Fame.

This slideshow looks at the five names that must be inducted as soon as possible, in order for the Hall of Fame to fully recognise it's stars of the past.

Active or semi-active WWE wrestlers such as Randy Orton, John Cena have not been included for consideration for this list; only retired or very soon to be retired superstars.


So, let's see which former WWE Champions have yet to receive the call.

#5 Sycho Sid

Sycho Sid: Two time Wrestlemania main eventer
Sycho Sid: Two time Wrestlemania main eventer

Many of the stars of the 1990s have already tasted induction into WWE's hallowed Hall of Fame. However, one name conspicuous by his absence is former two-time WWE Champion, Sycho Sid.

Sid was initially brought into WWE by Vince McMahon during the summer of 1991 as a long term replacement for Hulk Hogan, whose popularity was waning after seven years as the company's top attraction. Sid main evented Wrestlemania VIII opposite the Hulkster but lost the bout via Disqualification. Post-match, Sid was due to serve a suspension for a failed drugs test but quit the promotion instead.

He enjoyed much greater success during his final run in the company which commenced in the summer of 1996. He ended Shawn Michaels's first WWE title reign at Survivor Series 1996 before he dropped the belt back to the "Heartbreak Kid" at the 1997 Royal Rumble. Sid would soon recapture the gold the following month when he beat Bret Hart before he lost to The Undertaker in the Wrestlemania 13 headliner.

Sid's collective title runs only lasted 97 days but Sid's reigns are still fondly remembered over two decades later. His long career in WWE and WCW and other promotions mean he fully deserves his Hall of Fame spot in the future.

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