5 former WWE Superstars who can return to revive tag teams

Will The Shield ever be back together?
Will The Shield ever be back together?

While WWE isn't the best place for tag team wrestling, it has an impressive back catalog of popular groups. Quite a few of them can be reunited, even if one of the members isn't currently on the roster.

Whether through budget cuts, contract expirations, or medical disqualifications, several superstars no longer wrestle in WWE. Some are still in the company in other roles, though. And there is always a chance that they will return to the promotion.

Here are five of them whose potential WWE returns could result in some happy tag team reunions. Which of these groups would you like to see revived? Let us know in the comments below.

#5 Paige - Absolution

Paige was forced into early retirement in 2018 after suffering a neck injury. While she is yet to return to the ring, there is optimism surrounding a potential comeback soon, thanks to Edge's miraculous return in 2020.

If Paige does come back, she could lead her own stable once again. It would take some work to reunite Absolution, with Sonya Deville currently an authority figure in WWE and Mandy Rose holding the NXT Women's Championship.

Nevertheless, it would be great to see a seasoned version of the trio, potentially with more members, if Rose calls upon her current Toxic Attraction teammates. Alternatively, Paige and Deville can reunite against the current NXT stable.

#4 WWE producer Tyson Kidd can reunite with Cesaro

It has been six years since Tyson Kidd suffered a spinal cord injury that effectively ended his in-ring career. However, Edge's aforementioned return means anything is possible. Kidd is still with WWE, working as a producer.

He is best known for his tag team run with Cesaro, as the two held the WWE Tag Team Championship in early 2015. They had some fun matches and shared incredible chemistry as partners.

If he wants to return or is even able to, Tyson Kidd can revitalize Cesaro and give him something concrete to do. The two would be a welcome addition to SmackDown's tag team division, potentially even dethroning The Usos.

#3 Heath Slater can return for an eventual 3MB reunion

WWE released Heath Slater in April 2020 due to budget cuts stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. He did return for a solitary appearance a few months later, with Dolph Ziggler bringing him back during his WWE Title feud against Drew McIntyre.

Now known as Heath in IMPACT Wrestling, the former leader of 3MB could eventually come back to WWE and bring the band back together. Slater and McIntyre could have a heartwarming reunion, with Jinder Mahal also in the fray.

The two former WWE Champions are both regular figures on WWE television. As long as they remain put in the company, the much-sought-after 3MB reunion may become possible should Heath Slater return.

#2 WWE producer Jason Jordan - American Alpha

Another superstar who was forced to retire due to a neck injury, Jason Jordan, has not wrestled since Royal Rumble 2018. If he can return, though, we would likely see one of the most popular tag teams from the past few years β€” American Alpha β€” back together.

Jordan's illegitimate son storyline with Kurt Angle stunted the team's momentum as he and Chad Gable were unable to fulfill their potential together. The two had some excellent matches on NXT and SmackDown, particularly against FTR (f.k.a. The Revival).

Should Jason Jordan be cleared to return, American Alpha would be a major boost to any tag team division. It would be better than Gable's current tandem alongside Otis.

#1 Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose may retire in WWE after one final run with The Shield

This may not happen for at least a few years, but one has to believe that Jon Moxley will return to WWE before he retires. He, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns could have one hell of a farewell tour as The Shield, potentially around six to seven years from now.

Known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, Moxley has been a huge part of AEW's success so far. He is currently in an alcohol treatment program, where he has made some positive steps in his recovery. The former AEW World Champion's return date is currently unknown.

Anyway, after a creatively fulfilling career elsewhere, Jon Moxley might want to call it a day with the men he became a star alongside in the first place. As nostalgia has tremendous value in WWE, one final Shield reunion will never be out of the question.

The Hounds of Justice birthed three of the top stars in wrestling today, with Reigns and Rollins among the top names in WWE. Hopefully, the two of them can reunite at some point, especially if Ambrose returns to the company.

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