5 funniest Kane moments in WWE

Kane hugs it out with his Team Hell No partner Daniel Bryan and Ricardo Rodriguez
Kane hugs it out with his Team Hell No partner Daniel Bryan and Ricardo Rodriguez
Pranay Rangra

Kane is unarguably one of the scariest wrestlers to step foot inside a WWE ring. The seven-foot monster, with and without his signature red mask, has struck fear in the hearts of countless opponents.

The WWE Hall of Famer has had epic rivalries with superstars like his kayfabe half-brother The Undertaker, Triple H, Big Show, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, to name a few. He's also been part of memorable gimmick matches like the Inferno match, Buried Alive match, and Hell in a Cell match.

While always portraying a serious character with sinister traits Kane, at times, has also had a role reversal. The Big Red Machine has had his share of lighter moments, particularly in the early 2000s when he became slightly more human and began speaking without the mouthpiece.

Another instance that comes to mind is his time in Team Hell No with Daniel Bryan. The two superstars, through their shenanigans in the early part of the last decade, certainly gave the WWE Universe a hefty share of laughs.

In this article, we reminisce about the five funniest Kane moments in WWE.

#5 When Pete Rose got tombstoned by Kane

Kane and his feud with baseball legend Pete Rose has been well documented since the Big Red Machine debuted in the WWE at Bad Blood in 1997.

At WrestleMania 14 in Boston, Pete Rose was the celebrity ring announcer for the first-ever battle between The Undertaker and Kane. Before announcing the match, he began taunting the fans by criticizing their baseball team, the Boston Red Sox. When Kane entered the ring with Paul Bearer, he didn't take Pete's words very kindly and tombstoned a petrified Rose. WWE Universe loved the act.

Their rivalry continued as Pete occasionally interfered in Kane's matches, mostly being at the receiving end of a tombstone.

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