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5 greatest United States Champions of all time

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The Star-Spangled Title.
The Star-Spangled Title.

The United States Championship is one of the most iconic titles in wrestling history. Formally being introduced in 1975, the title has gone through many different companies and looks.

Originally debuting as a part of the NWA, the title later became a part of WCW in the late 1980s.

After the company's collapse in 2001, the title was retired, before making its debut in WWE in the summer of 2003.

Over the decades, there have been dozens of men to hold the star-spangled gold, but some have been able to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Here are the 5 greatest United States Champions of all time, and why they are the best of this elite club.

Bret Hart

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After leaving the WWF due to the Montreal Screwjob, the Hitman joined WCW, quickly making his presence known, capturing the US Championship.

With four reigns as champion in WCW, Hart cemented his reputation as one of wrestling's most trusted hands, feuding with fellow Hall of Famers such as Diamond Dallas Page and Rowdy Roddy Piper.

Whilst many have considered the Canadian's time in WCW to be a flop, with a nasty spear ending his career, Bret was able to prove that he could still hang with the best of them post-screwjob.

When Bret surrendered the title in 1999, many saw it as his last reign. Shockingly though, Hart would capture the title once again, 11 years later, defeating the Miz on Monday Night RAW, and showing the former World Champion still had some tricks up his sleeve.

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