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5 Groups "The Club" could possibly feud with in WWE

Korey Gunz
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The Club
The Club

For over a year, the status quo in the WWE had been that AJ Styles was one of the top stars in the company; a fan favourite, a mainstay in the main event scene, and one of the longest reigning WWE Champions in quite some time.

Meanwhile, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were viewed by many as after-thoughts. The duo had seemingly lost all the momentum and swagger they had developed over the years in Japan and had subsequently brought with them upon their arrival in the WWE in 2016, and were usually relegated to the end of the line in the tag team division ranks. The Good Brothers had seen better days.

Fast forward to this past Monday night on Raw, the first with new executive director Paul Heyman at the helm, and things have certainly changed a bit.

After losing a United States Championship match to Ricochet, AJ Styles joined back up with his Good Brothers Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to put a beat down on the reigning US Champion, an attack that would appear to reveal that The Club is back! And while this might not be the first time we have seen this incarnation of The Club in the WWE, the landscape that they now find themselves in is certainly different compared to the days of "beating up John Cena."

With Gallows and Anderson receiving renewed pushes and a newly heel AJ Styles, the possibilities of fresh, new feuds and storylines for the Club members have many fans excited. Who will stand up to this new faction? Will new alliances be made? Will the Club be looking to expand its membership? Questions remain to be answered, but in the meantime, here are five groups/factions that The Club could possibly feud with.

#5 The New Day

New Day
New Day

A feud with the New Day is such a natural fit that it seems to write itself. Both groups are proven entities as collectives and have a bit of past history, but circumstances have changed that would give the issue a different feel this time around.

Gallows and Anderson would put on good matches with Big E and Xavier Woods in tag team action, and giving Xavier Woods, in particular, a consistent in-ring role from week to week would be nothing but a positive thing in my opinion.

And who wouldn’t be in favour of Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles feuding over the WWE Title, especially with Styles in a firm heel role? KofiMania might be running wild, but SmackDown Live is the “House that AJ Styles Built.” With the Wild Card Rule in effect, the Club might look to reclaim some territory they feel is rightfully theirs.

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