5 hilarious names WWE Superstars used to have


#4 WWE legend The Rock started out as Flex Kavana

Flex Kavana and Bart Sawyer
Flex Kavana and Bart Sawyer

While Dwayne Johnson's name is familiar not just to WWE fans, but just about everybody in the world and their pets - considering he's the biggest star (possibly literally) in movies these days - the actor will also be forever associated with his name in WWE, "The Rock."

Rightfully so, too, as even during his WWE days, he was the company's biggest crossover star ever (sorry Hulk and Cena, but it's true.) However, he wasn't always known by this particularly catchy moniker. In fact, at the beginning of his career, he had a name that was downright ridiculous.

No, I'm not talking about Rocky Miavia.

I'm talking about Flex Kavana.

It's common knowledge that Miavia made his WWE wrestling debut at Survivor Series 1996, becoming the "sole survivor" of his team in their traditional Series 5v5 elimination tag match. But, he didn't just go from training to WWE right away. He needed some seasoning first, and what better place to get some seasoning than Memphis?

Rock was sent to work in Jerry Lawler's United States Wrestling Association (USWA), and so Flex freakin' Kavana made his wrestling debut (technically he had some tryout matches under his real name, so apparently he's come full circle?). He even held the promotion's tag team championship with Bart Sawyer. He wasn't stuck with that name for long, however, as he would soon sign his WWF/WWE contract and change his name to the aforementioned Miavia.

Thankfully, that name didn't stick around long, either. Still, can you imagine Entertainment Weekly publishing a story about the latest blockbuster starring Dwayne "Flex Kavana" Johnson?

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