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5 hilarious things WWE Superstars did after getting drunk

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Andre the Giant's drinking stories are the stuff of legend
Andre the Giant's drinking stories are the stuff of legend

There are primarily two kinds of people in professional wrestling — the morally correct, squeaky clean babyfaces who will always abide by the rules and doctrine of the land, and the devious, dastardly heels that will almost always try to take the easy way out, even when they have no reason to do so.

That is the basic principle behind the charade known as professional wrestling. While times have changed, and we now have a more in-depth look at the character development of the Superstars, the premise has always been the same.

In real life, however, there are no squeaky clean babyfaces. Working 200 days a year, and only getting to see their families twice a week often takes its toll on the Superstars physically and mentally. And like everybody else that isn’t caught in the web of smokes and mirrors, the Superstars tend to unwind by having a drink or two now and then.

However, characters they portray on - screen are merely an extension of their true personalities, and as such, there have been numerous instances when the WWE Superstars have done something outrageous once inebriated. Today, we take a look at five hilarious things the WWE Superstars did after getting drunk.

#5 John Cena strips down to his socks

John Cena is the beacon of righteousness in WWE, but the ‘Leader of the Cenation’ has been involved in some hilarious stories off camera. After getting his release from WWE, Ryback recounted an incident on his podcast, giving us an insight into the lives of the Superstars when they’re on the road.

The Big Guy talked about the time when he, along with Santino Marella, John Cena and R - Truth hit a bowling alley after a long, hard day of work. The foursome then started drinking, with the losers obliged to take shots. Ryback then recollected Cena being out of his wits, with Ryback himself being in bad shape.

However, Ted DiBiase Jr. reportedly saw Cena stripping at the bowling alley before being hauled off to their hotel! As per the story, there were a lot of people who did see Cena — or even more of him than they would’ve bargained for.

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